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How many and what sized flakes should you feed your Betta at a time?

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It's actually best if you bought freeze-dried blood worms, they are higher in protein than flakes, and are the fish's natural food, so obviously more appealing to your fish. You only need a few of them, usually just what it'll eat in a 2 minute time period.

However, live food is preferred, if it's not available, definitely get freeze dried, which can be purchased at a convenience store or even walmart.

== == == == Pet stores sell a food for bettas, it comes in a small can from tetra-min, to feed your betta if you keep it in a glass vase by itself with a plant, just take a small amount between your first finger and thumb or a pinch and drop it in, bettas for the most part do not eat every day so it is up to you how often you feed your fish once again if your betta is in a bowl or container by itself, you do not have to feed your betta every day. I feed the betta in our glass container that has a lot of plant life about once or twice a week, and that betta is about 8 months old,

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What will happen if you feed a betta fish tropical fish food?

Nothing. I feed mine tropical flakes! P.S. i have a betta named Frodo lol

What do you feed betta fry?

You feed a betta fry betta flakes when you do that you have to make sure it is like powder and then u add water to it so it would sink cause it's not that smart as a baby

Can you feed a betta fish human food?

No. Bettas are insectivores and should be fed a proper diet. Special Betta pellets are available at good pet shops but they can get by on Tropical Fish flakes.

How much should you feed your betta?

Only feed your beta fish once a day, 6 days a week. I feed my beta 7-9 blood worms a day and sometimes flakes.

Should you feed your betta fish when you get home?

You should feed your betta 3-4 times a week.

What to feed a betta fish?

specific betta flakes pellets brine shrimp their own eggs== lol if they breed blood worms== what i feed mine. and now it jumps at my finger and bites at it.

Can you give your hamster frosted flakes?

i think that you should feed them corn flakes not frosted flakes

When and how to feed newborn betta fish?

newborns should be feed baby brine shrimp :) and i suppose you feed them when ever you feed a regular betta

Do betta fish eat?

Yes they do eat. I usually feed mine flakes. and three to four once a day.

Can you feed betta fish goldfish flakes?

No it's only for goldfish unless yu want to kill your fish

What do you feed a Siamese fighting fish?

Betta Fish are carnivores and should not be fed veggies. They should eat pellets made specifically for them. (I use Betta Bites). Also never feed them flakes! Their upturned mouths make it hard to eat them. Also onece in a while you can treed them to freeze-dried blood worms!

What should you feed your betta?

You should feed it the food that the pet store/Walmart provides you with

Should you feed Betta fish twice a day?

Yes you should feed your betta fish twice a day the ammount it can eat in two minutes.

Should you feed a betta fish every day?

Yes, feed a betta fish every day. Only feed him what he can consume in 2 minutes.

What can you feed Betta fish other than pellets?

You could try feeding them flakes,live food, or frozen foods. Well am only a kid so if they don't work go back to Pellets, or go to website like and see what they to feed your betta (it dosent matter what kind of betta or gender your betta is).

How much do you need to feed them betta fish?

You should feed your betta fish about 6 days a week, and never too much food. An overfed betta is an unhealthy one

Can you feed your Betta a slice of orange or any other foods?

you can feed betta fish peas i saw someone on youtube where their betta liked peas so much they fed them a mixture of peas and pellets. but i recommend doing what i do with my own betta. i feed him mondays to fridays, and i feed him flakes 1 day then blood worms another.(where i live i cants find pellets) my betta is real small and ive had him for 3 months and he really enjoys it once the fish is in a routen. Lauren.

Can you give a betta fish hermit crab pellets?

Betta pellets are designed for Bettas to eat. Hermit crab pellets are designed for Hermit crabs to eat. Goldfish flakes are designed for Goldfish to eat. Are you getting the message? If you wish your Betta to do well, feed it Betta food.

What kind of food can you feed your Betta if he will not eat the pellets or the flakes and lets them sink to the bottom?

There is betta food on the market, and if you should purchase this food the fish is not going to gulp this down right away. Bettas do not eat like we do, they go for days without eating it is best not even to try to feed a betta every day, one way to know if a betta is hungry or other fish is too watch them in there habitat, if the betta or your other fish are around the top and very active drop some food in, if they or it is just taking life easy do not feed them or it.

What does the betta eats?

Betta usaley eat stuff like blood worms , brine shrimp, betta pellet food/flakes. bettas are meat eaters, but you can feed it 1 crushed pea a week, make sure you peel the pea. LOL

How much do you feed your betta fish?

You should feed your betta every other day. About 4-5 colored pellets per fish is the acceptable amount.

What should you feed your goldfish other than goldfish flakes but full of fiber?

you can feed them peas or zucchini

How often should you feed a betta?

2-3 times daily

Do guppies eat biscuit?

No, you should just feed them tropical fish flakes!

How much flake food should you feed a beta?

about 3 flakes or 2