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No animals live in Antarctica: it's too cold to support any kind of food chain.

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Antarctica has no living species

There are no human native residents of Antarctica. But there is one native animal species: the emperor penguin.

The species you inquire about may exist with a different spelling, but not alive in Antarctica, because no animal lives there.

None. No animal can survive on the Antarctic continent. Several sea birds and sea mammals come to Antarctica's beaches to breed, however.

There are around 3 - 4 different species in Antarctica.

no there are many other species of birds in Antarctica

the Weddell Seal, the Proboscis Worm, and the Cormorant bird are all rare animals in Antarctica

No animals live on the Antarctic continent, although many sea birds breed on its beaches during breeding season.

There are no 'native' species in Antarctica: it's too cold to support animal life or any kind of food chain.

No animal calls Antarctica home: none live there. Sea mammals and sea birds that breed on Antarctic's coasts are not listed on any endangered species list.

uncountable animal species are there in India

According to a definition in Wikipedia:"A habitat is an ecological or environmental area that is inhabited by a particular species of animal, plant, or other type of organism.". . . there is no habitat in Antarctica to support life.

First, no animal lives on Antarctica: it's too cold and there is no food chain. Of the marine mammals and marine birds that breed on Antarctica's beaches -- because there are no land predators -- none are on any endangered, vulnerable or threatened species list.

No animal that breeds on Antarctica's beaches is listed as endangered, vulnerable or threatened.

Of the 17 known species of penguins, only two of them actually breed on Antarctica. For more information, see the related link.

Adelie penguins are the most common species in Antarctica.

There are some species of sponge that live near Antarctica which are thought to be millennia old!

there are three species of animal in antarctica, the whale, the penguin ad the seal. there are 4 types of penguins -adelies -emperor -chinstar -gentoo there are 4 types of seals -leopard seal -ross seal -weddell seal -crabeater there are 8 types of whales -sperm -humpback -killer -orca -southern right -blue -sei -minke -fin

There are about 1,250,000 identified species of animal.

Yes, there are many more invertebrate animal species than vertebrate animal species. Only about 3% of animals are vertebrates.

I think we should pretect Antarctica because it is home to many unique and valuable species of animals and mammals. If someone kills just one species in Antarctica, the entire food chain/food web will die. That is all the species in Antatctica!

Generally, you can find Weddell seals and Leopard seals in the Southern Ocean that surrounds Antarctica.

First, no animal 'lives' in Antarctica. Many sea birds and sea mammals breed on Antarctica beaches annually. No Antarctic breeding animal is noted on any endangered list.

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