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Q: How many animals are dying each year because no one wants them?
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How many Siberian tigers are dying a day?

lots are dying each day because of sicknesses and because of hunters

How many animals die each year because of hunters?

That would be a hard one to answer since many animals don't require a license and some states don't make you document how many animals you kill in a year. It might be easier to answer how many animals lifes are saved each year by hunters. If you let the animals breed out of control, they destroy there own habitat which will result in mass numbers of animals dying each year.

How do plants and animals interact with each others in the prairies?

because animals love plants

Why are there fewer animals at each succeeding level of a food chain?

There are fewer animals at each succeeding level of a food chain because some of the animals eat them.

What is the reason for the extinction of large animals?

Usaully the extinction of large animals is due to them dying out, eating each other at young which stops the production of the babies, or leaving their homeland for an unknown reason.

Do animals in the rain forest help each other out?

No They Don't Because They Are Animals They Can't think

Why were Rabbi Akiva's students dying in the first place?

They were dying because his students lacked a high level of respect for each other and it was G-d's punishment towards them.

How do we hurt the earth with the trash you produce?

Trash causes land, air and water pollution that can cause marine animals, flying animals and land animals to die of consuming the trash that we throw away each day and dying.

How many old animals get adopted each day?

Hardly any older animals get adopted each day. Baby animals go quick to find a home but because nobody wants a dog that will die in like a year or so the older animals( 7 and up) are being put down. so only about 14 older pets get adopted in the adverage animal shelter get adopted each day most of the time its less.

How do plants and animals depend on each other on the aquarium?

Plants and animals depend on each other in an aquarium. One reason is because they protect each other from predators.

Why are all animals different?

because God created all animals. He made each one different

How many people abuse animals each year?

Because they are mean!!

How many animals die each day because of animal abuse?

Everyday about 100 animals are abused everyday, and half of them are killed each day.

How do you tell people your dying?

By saying the words "I am dying".. After all we are all dying and each of us will die at some time.

Do animals know that other animals are different to them?

i think they do because they fight each other so i think they know

Why animals lives in a group?

They live in group because if a predator attack them they can help each other and to hunt animals because hunting in group is easy.

How many animals die because of road accidents each year?

There is not any official statistics as to how many animals die because of road accidents each year. There are most likely hundreds of thousands of animals that accidentally die in road accidents.

Why did the cycle of the nile waters give the egyptians a belief in life after death?

Each year they saw the dying animals and plants nourished by the Nile, and return, plants growing and animals being born during that season.

How many animals die each year because of animal abuse?


How many animals die each year because of animal cruelty?


Why do wild animals attack each other?

Wild animals attack each other sometimes because they want territory, or want to be leader. Wolves do this, as do lions and tigers.

Why do Animals eat people and animals?

They eat them because some of them are carnivores. As well they feel a threat between each relation.

Why can't you understand animals?

Animals understand each other on there own because they use there own method of talk Singsoccerluv127

Why do animals and plants have to adapt to their environment in order to survive?

because the animals and plants have to adapt to each other in order to receivesunlight

What animals depend on each other for survival?

A lot of different animals depend on each other for survival in some ways because animals normally react on a predator and prey relationship ,like the bird and the fish.