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There are thousands of animals that reside in the state of Alaska. These include black bears, wolves, caribou, bison, and polar bears.

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How many types of animals are in Alaska?

Actually many types of animals like wolves and those race dogs are in Alaska

How many different animals are in Alaska?


Are there endangered animals in Alaska?

Yes, there are endangered animals in Alaska.

What animals are native to Alaska?

There are many animals that are native to Alaska. Some of these include brown bears, polar bears, moose, caribou, and mountain goats.

Why don't many people live in Alaska?

Many people do not live in Alaska because it is too cold. There are also dangerous animals

What kind of animals are in Alaska?

An example of animals that you would find in Alaska are polar bears, fish or walrus and other animals.

What animals in Alaska reproduce the fastest?

The animals that reproduce the fastest are deer bears and foxes in Alaska

What animals were important to the Tlingit tribe of Alaska?

Animals such as fish, seals, and otter were important to the Tlingit tribe of Alaska.

What do animals eat in Alaska?


What animals migrate in Alaska?


Can you name 6 bearing animals in Alaska?

Bearing animals in Alaska: Bears Beaver Bobcat Coyote Fox Nutria Rabbits

How is Alaska important to the US?

Alaska is important to the U.S. because it has alot to offer with the beauty , animals, and factories that give the U.S. many donations when we shal struggle.

What animals live in the tundra?

An example of a tundra animal in Alaska is: polarbears, seals, walruses and many more .

Why do people in Alaska hunt wolves?

Because there aren't many animals to find so they use them for their sleds

Native animals in Alaska?

Arctic fox

What season do female animals have babies in Alaska?


Are mink fur bearing animals in Alaska?

no they doesn't.

What are the animals in Alaska?

Some animals that inhabit Alaska are the black bear, polar bear, lemming, moose, pike, salmon, wolves, eagles, and albatross. There are over 1000 species of animals classified as vertebrates alone.

What are some animals that live in Alaska?

Some of the animals that live in Alaska are whales, Kodiak bears, moose, wolves, caribou, polar bears and ptarmigans, just to name a few.

What are some marine animals that live shoreline of Alaska?

The Walrus.

What fur bearing animals live in Alaska?

Polar Bears

What is grown and made in Alaska?

Gold from mountans, animals that were, and Alaskans that were.

After the spill happened in Alaska what happened to the animals?

they all died

What animals live in nome Alaska?

moose and polar bears.

How does animals culture contribute to nome Alaska today?


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