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It is hard to tell but each year more die than the year before!


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about 1,654,545,000,000 animals die a year from animal cruelty. about 26,120 animals suffer.

yes some animals do die from animal cruelity

Mostly yes but still not all of the animals die from animal cruelty.

Animals can die from animal cruelty in many ways. Some ways include starvation. If an animal is left alone with a long period of time without water and food, they will die. Animals also die from infection of an injury from a chain, broken leg, or another injury.

Animal Abuse; 500 animals die every day and 300 000 animals die a year from animal abuse. It is so sad... STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY!

aproximately 1,654,545,000,000, animals a year die from animal cruelty

between 5000 and 7000. it's so sad

so many have died because of some animal cruelty so many have died because of some animal cruelty

more than 500 .... please help in this cruelty ! :(

In 2009, there were 4,110 animals that died from animal cruelty or neglect. That is over 342 each month and over 11 animals a day.

because lots of animals die because of the wonds they get

I'd say close to a million each year....

Approximately, 23 worldwide

sometimes it cause animals to die or from starvation with out home, love, care, support

Monk seals are not pets and are not subject to animal cruelty in the way you mean. They are however killed for fur and meat.

19 animals die from animal abuse a day

no i don't i hate it we shouldn't kill animals or take down trees. it kills me to see all the animals die and it makes me cry.

cruelty effects humans because we are the ones who are doing it and if we keep going to jail then we will have a bad record and we cant get jobs or get money to buy food so we can effects animals because their getting hurt and the more animals die the more other animals die because they cant eat the

More than a million animals die every year from animal testing.

Yes, Fur coats is animal cruelty unless the animals are already dead. But usually people lay traps and when they have an animal they want, they would either beat them, strangle them, poison, or even electrocute them just to get their fur. Up to 50% of trapped animals are 'useless animals' including domestic cats and dogs. 1 to 4 captured animals escape by chewing his or her leg or paw off, dying by loss of blood , infection or predators. Conclusion: Fur coats is Animal Cruelty unless they die naturally, most of the time they die because of us humans.

Over millioN of animals die.. due to animal testing....

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