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It is not known how many animals get hurt during animal testing. Not all facilities that use animal testing make it public, Millions of animals are hurt world wide each year due to animal testing.

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Do animal hurt during animal testing?

Yes, a lot.

Who wants animal testing?

The kind of people that want animal testing are the people that want to see animals get hurt and the people who dont like animals.

Does it hurt the animal when tested on?

Generally, yes, animals are injured or killed while undergoing animal testing. That is why animal testing is vehemently opposed by many.

Does animal testing hurt animals?

Yes, in most cases, it kills the animals or leaves them severely maimed. There is no humane animal testing. They are subjected to torture until they die.

Is animal testing illigeal?

No. it has not been proved to hurt that many animals which is very wrong.

Is animal testing beneficial to animals?

I don't think that animal testing is beneficial to animals because i think that in most cases it can hurt the animal, get them sick, or even kill them. also animals were not put on this earth to be tested on they are just like us, what if they tested things on you? and don't say that they wouldn't because your not an animal, because that's when pretending comes in. Animals also don't have a say when it comes to animal testing

Why should you stop animal testing?

it hurts the animals. inside and out. it can hurt there intestines. and there skin and eyes.

What animal testing products to do animals?

Well personally i think if you test some kind of product on an animal it can hurt them and sometimes kill them! People think animals are nothing- well, they are and they shouldn't be used as some kind of testing animal! But it depends on what kind of product and animal it is, so just be careful to animals that are being tested on!

Is an animal testing lab the same thing as a pet hospital?

No an animal testing lab and a pet hospital differ, because in a testin lab they hurt and kill the animals or blind them. a pet hospital is a place where the animals can go to get help from abuse or if they are just sick.

Should animals be used for scientific research?

If you think about it humans are animals it is just that we are the only kind of animal that can stand on two feet and we can communicate with each other so testing on animals is almost like testing on one of your friends or a member of your family I love animals and i don't like seeing them being hurt so please help the cause to stop animal testing :)

Animal testing is good?

No HORRIBLE. Worst thing anyone can do it can hurt and kill the animals, maybe even make them go crazy

What are the good points of animal testing?

cures and treatments most don't hurt animals because Craig foster said so

Why do people not like animal testing?

People feel a compassion for animals. They are worried that the animals are getting hurt or they are not being treated humanely. They care about the animals' welfare. They feel that animals should not be made sick or hurt or killed for medical research that benefits people.

Why not use animal testing?

Because testing cosmetic products on animals is cruel to the animal, How would you like getting new products tested on you? you have no choice and the products may not be safe or may even hurt you and they don't care.

Why was make up testing on animals band?

animals were getting hurt in the process.

Does testing hurt animals?

Animals are hurt every day because of this, they are burnt, poked, sliced open and intentinally killed just so that they can see what affect something had on them. This happens to cows, dogs, cats, mice, birds, foxes, monkeys and many many more. You should get more informed and help! Search Animal testing, or animal testing ways to help and there you have it! Or got to and see how you can help!

What is being done about animal testing?

Animal testing. If there's a word worse than "hate" let me know. That's how I feel about animal testing. Why do scientists test formulas and junk on animals before people. Well, first they see if the inocent animal gets hurt before they're ready to let people try it. Why? Why test it on an "inocent" animal first? There are more of us than there are of them. So, why not? How is it safer to test something on an "INOCENT" animal than a person?! Why would we rather hurt animals than people? I've never, and will never, understand that. would you like to know if we save an animal from test and have an human do it we can but a stop to animal testing today.

Does animal testing hurt the animals?

Yes, it does. They check to see if the product will cause any initial reaction or allergy on the animals before they put it out on market. The product can injure, sicken, or kill an animal, and it's very cruel.

What is animal society?

it is a animal hospital for abused or hurt animals.

What are the risks of animal testing?

Obviously, it may hurt the animals and maybe this seems far-fetched, they could even become extinct. It's also cruel to animals as they may not be treated properly.

How can animals get tortured from animal testing?

Some products in the samples being tested on the animals are harmful and can leave them internally or externally scared for life. Such as some chemicals in makeup or skin care products can burn them or hurt them in many ways that will not hurt humans.

How does animal testing works?

They put horrible ointment in their eyes, test drugs on them(wich may kill them) and don't forget, the animals are getting hurt for us, because the 'tester people' are testing medicines and drugs on the animals, to see if they are safe for us humans.

Can an animal hurt you if they stand on you?

some animals

What kind of animals get hurt in animal cruelty?


Are animals subject to any pain in animal testing?

Possibly. If the medicine being tested is inserted with a syringe, obviously the injection will hurt. The more serious instance is when the thing being tested does not work and has negative effects on the animal such as a disease or something. Or causes a rash, or, obviously if the animal dies from it. So, yes, animal testing can cause pain.

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