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Zero Noah took animals onto the ark not moses!!

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Moses did not take any animals in the ark it was Noah who took them.

Moses didn't take any animals on the ark, Noah did.

Noah built and placed animals on the ark, not Moses. Noah put two or one pair of each animal except for the "important ones" and of those he took seven pairs of each...ex. cows, sheep etc.

None, for Moses was not then born. Noah took animals two-by-two, and five by five, the latter for sacrifices

Moses did not bring them on the ark goofball. It was Noah.

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Moses is the raven who flocks to the animals and tells them about a paradise that animals go to when they die called "Sugarcandy Mountain" where its is Sunday all the time and there are sweets galore. He represents religion, and the paradise he is speaking of is similar to Heaven for humans. However, Moses has a very small role because many animals do not believe the stories he spreads, but some animals believe because they are in need of some hope.

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Moses and Abraham met for the first time in heaven. Before that they never knew each other. Too many years between them.

It was not Moses, but Noah, a lot before Moses' time. He took them by two (one male and one female) according to Genesis 6:20. According to Genesis 7:2-3, he took seven pairs of every clean animal and bird onto the ark and one pair of every unclean animal.