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None, because Adam wasn't on the Ark.

Noah was on the ark. And Noah took two of every animal.


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None. It was Noah who had the ark. See the correct question below.

The number of animals born each year would be impossible to determine. There are hundreds of thousands of species of animals having young each year, including insects and other small species. The number would likely be in the trillions.

Over about 50 from each species.

There are more than one million species of animals that have been cataloged. More are discovered each year.

Of course there will be new species,as you can see,each year,new species are discovered,and many more will be soon discovered as we learn more about our planet.

Actually, it is the many species of insects that outnumber the animals.

100 species from the rainforest are killed each day due to deforestation!

No, in many species parents will protect offspring.

There are about 25 species of animals in Costa Rica

100 species from the rainforest are killed each day due to deforestation!

There is not a certain number of how many animals are on this each right now because there is so many animals being born that you just don't know how many there is. There is about 51,000 different species of animals that have been discovered so far.

There are many types of animals including insects, fish, birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. Each type includes thousands of species.

100 different animals become extinct every year!

Many species of insects do.

There are thousands of animals on the endangered species list and still counting.

Adam did not make an ark. Noah made an ark.

A:If you read Genesis chapter 2 literally, then Adam must have named all the prehistoric animals in the entire world (not just the Middle East) although there were many millions of species, making this a task beyond human endurance. However, most of the species that have ever lived were already extinct long before the first humans arrived on earth.

Well about 17 species of animals are extinct in just ONE HOUR!

There are more than 10000000000 species of animals in the world.

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