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it has two antennae

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How many antennae does a pill bug have?

They have two small antennae

How many antennae does a lady bug have?


How many legs does a lightning bug have?

A lightning bug, like all insects, has 6 legs.

How can you tell a male lightning bug from a female?

there is a triangle on a girl lightning bug and there is a square on a boy lightning bug

How many wings does a lightning bug have?

A Lightning bug has 4 wings. Two on their back and one underneath each wing.

Does lightning bugs have antennae?

Yes they do.

What do bug antennas do?

Bugs use their antennae to feel.

Why are pill bug antennae used for?

to feel the way.

What is the duration of Lightning Bug film?

The duration of Lightning Bug - film - is 1.62 hours.

How many eggs does a lightning bug lay?

They lay about 250

What is an insect that looks like part bee and part lightning bug?

Chances are the insect is a species lightning bug. The lightning bug is a type of beetle and is not related to a bee.

What is the purpose of a lightning bug?

The female lightning bug uses her glowing tail to attract a mate.

Is it easy to determine whether there are antennae on a bug?

most of the time

Is a lightning bug a glowworm?


When was Lightning Bug - film - created?

Lightning Bug - film - was created on 2004-04-09.

What are the antenna of a bug called?

You answered your own question. They are called antennae.

How many legs does a lightning bug has?

Six - all insects have six legs

Is there a lightning bug named Blaze in Tinkerbell movie?

Yes there is a lightning bug named Blaze in "Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure".

What actors and actresses appeared in Bug Lightning - 2011?

The cast of Bug Lightning - 2011 includes: Will Rastall as Roberts

How many Lightning Bugs are born at once?

There are different types of Lightning bugs. Some females will lay hundreds of eggs and others will lay only about 40. How many hatch out as larva depends on how many eggs were deposited and if they survive predators. There are 4 stages to their growth into an adult lightning bug. They start as an egg, then hatch into larva, pupa and then a lightning bug.

What bug has long antennae and lots of legs and a thin body?

Likely a centiede.

Does a lightning bug have wings?


How many times can a lightning bug glow in a minuet?

the amount of times you can spell minute

What is a bug called with 6 legs 2 antennae and an up turned tail?

All insects have 6 legs and 2 antennae and many of them have an upturned tail. One possibility is a Devil's Coachhorse, a type of beetle.

How do you grow a lightning bug?

obvi, you have to buy a pack of lightning bugs first.