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Q: How many arrows does it take to kill a buffalo?
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How many lions does it take to kill a buffalo?

Three to six lions and/or lionesses are probably enough to kill a buffalo.

How many arrows does it take to kill the enderdragon in minecraft?

3 stacks

How many arrows does it take to kill an average sized man?

it depends where the arrow hits the body but two to four arrows should do it

How do native Americans catch buffalo?

they native Americans would select a buffalo and move it away from the herd so they and shoot it or use a ake and whole to them to kill the buffalo and take the food back to their tribe

How do the lakota Indians eat?

The Lakota Indians ate buffalo in many stiles. They usually ate it dried and cured so that it was easy to take packing with them when they moved camps. In today's world it would be of the same stile as beef jerky. The Lakotas hunted the buffalo with spears made from buffalo bone and arrows made from wood that they would have carved from a tree.

In ''The Sign of the Beaver'' how many arrows did it take to bring down the bear?

A lot.

How many arrows did it take katniss to break the sack of apples?

Only three.

How many buffalo does it take to make a teepee?

Sacrafices itself..

Do Sioux Indians eat raw meat?

yes because after there hunt they would be hungry so they would take the buffalo liver and take a bite out of it. This had a lot of nutrients and gave them energy to bring the buffalo kill home.

How did the blackfoot Indians hunt?

This is how the Blackfoot Indians hunted using their arrows. What they would do is they go closer to their prey on horses and shoot them with an arrow. If the buffalo is still alive after it got shot with an arrow, the Blackfoot would take out the arrow and thrust it back at the buffalo.

How many bullets does it take to kill an elephant?

as many as it takes to kill an elephant.

How many buffalo hids did it take to make a teepee?

18 hide

How many xanax and Inderal would it take to kill you?

How much Inderal will it take to kill a person

Can sleep aides kill you?

If you take too many of them, they might kill you.

How many cups of vinegar does it take to kill you?

Drinking vinegar will not kill you.

Can a mountain lion eat a buffalo?

A mountain lion could eat a buffalo except for the fact that mountain lions dont live near buffalos and dont live in groups large enough to take one down. If they lived in prides and they found a buffalo, they could kill it.

How many hours does it take to travel by car from new york to buffalo?

alot :)

How do arrows move in water cycle?

The arrows aren't whats actually moving. The arrows display the path that the water molecules take through the ecosystem.

How did the Comanche use bows and arrows to hunt buffalo?

If they used them at all, one Comanche armed with a bow would stalk the buffalo and shoot it. They were more likely to break hunting parties into two groups. One group would be at the top of a cliff and would run buffalo over it, letting them fall to their deaths. The other group, at the bottom, would butcher the dead buffalo and take them back to camp.

How many hours does it take to drive from Chicago to Buffalo?

It will take 15 hours with lots of stops in a big van.

How many hours does it take to drive from buffalo New York to Ottawa Canada?


How many hours does it take to drive from Buffalo NY to Pittsburgh pa?


What route do you take to get to Buffalo from Cleveland Ohio?

I-90 EAST to Buffalo.

How many dogs would it take to kill a bear?

It will take 20 small dogs to kill a bear, and 5 large dogs to kill a bear.

What do you put your arrows in after you take them out of the target in archery?

the quiver