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There are over 500,000,000 asteroids in space

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Asteroids (or perhaps "rogue asteroids").

No. Asteroids orbit in space. The are not "on" any planet.

Stars are tremendously larger than asteroids and do not become asteroids.

Asteroids are bits of rock floating around in space.

Everywhere! The "asteroid belt", a region of space between Mars and Jupiter, contains thousands of asteroids, but there are that many or more which are NOT in the asteroid belt. These are spread throughout the solar system.

Just about any object in space will rotate - not just asteroids.

asteroids are from space and a comment is something someone says

Asteroids have no use as yet. They are simply rocks in space. Many science fiction writers, however, have theorized using asteroids for mining.

Asteroids are are big rocks floating in space. alot of asteroids can be found in the asteroid belt

They are made of space rock from different planets or mostly pieces of satellites or from a space ship.

formed by asteroids in the sky about to hitt the space shuttle i think.

Asteroids are small fractions of much larger stars, planets, and rocks in space.

· asteroids · atmosphere

Usually in the debris in space

Yes, nukes(nuclear weapons) can travel up into space to destroy asteroids and huge flying rocks.

Asteroids are in space. The U.S. Apollo spacecraft flew in space.

they both are in space space and sometimes you cant see them

The moon is heavily cratered from the many impacts with asteroids and other moving particles in space. They were formed by meteoroid's, and rocks from space.

Asteroids travel through space.

Most asteroids are located in what is known as the asteroid belt, which is a region of space located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

Asteroids are practically balls of ice, iron, rock minerals, and any other space junk.

the asteroids crashed in Asia have 1000 asteroids

Yes. Water has been observed on asteroids in the form of ice. At the near absolute zero temperatures of space and asteroids the ice would have little volatility.

it is made up of our solar system,many asteroids,space dust ,and other objects

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