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How many asteroids can fit in the sun?

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it depends on the size of the asteroids

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well, asteroids are closer to the sun then comets

No the sun does not have asteroids because by the time the asteroid got away from the sun there would be nothing left of it.

An asteroid is known as a minor planet that orbits the sun. As of 2010 there have been 530,091 asteroids discovered.

No. Asteroids orbit the Sun. If an asteroid orbited a planet, it would be a moon of the planet. In fact, many of the moons of Jupiter may be captured asteroids.

asteroids reflect light from the sun

how many times can the earth fit inside the sun

Earth is, as are all the planets and the many other things that orbit the sun, such as asteroids and comets.

223,096,366 Dwarf Planet Plutos can fit in the sun.

Asteroids orbit the Sun, and some of them can cross the Earth's orbit.

Yes. Asteroids orbit the sun.

You could fit approximately 21,253,933 Mercuries inside the Sun.

Asteroids revolve about the sun in elliptical orbits, just like the planets do, and for the same reasons (gravity and momentum).

Asteroids orbit the Sun, and some of them can cross the Earth's orbit.

Affirmative. Most asteroids do orbit a sun. It doesn't have to be our Sun, but any star in the universe. Although there are many other entities out there, the asteroids mostly orbit the suns. If you took an asteroid and put it to orbit a centre of the galaxy, it would rather fast be attracted by some solar system and begin orbiting it.

1,000,000,000 is how many times it could fit into the sun.

The sun can fit approximately one-million Earths inside of it

about one million Earths can fit inside the sun

you can fit 1million planets the size of earth in the sun

No. Comets orbit the sun. Many asteroids orbit the sun in between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

Our sun is well over a thousand times the mass of all the planets, asteroids, comets, and other material in our solar system combined. You could fit 1.4 million planets the size of earth inside a volume occupied by our sun, assuming you squished them together instead of stacking them like marbles, or 1046 planets the size of Jupiter.

8 planets, 3 dwarf planets, millions of asteroids

The sun's gravity doesn't necessarily cause the asteroids to move, however it does cause the asteroids to move the way that they do move. For example, let's take away the sun. Any asteroids around the sun would continue to move at the same rate that is was moving prior to the sun being taken away. However, instead of following an elliptical orbit around the sun, the asteroid would move in a straight line instead. So the asteroids can still move without the sun. However, it is the sun that makes the asteroids orbit around the sun. The orbit's tendency to want to move away in a straight line counteracts the gravity created by the sun. The results of these two forces is what causes the asteroids elliptical orbit.

The asteroids got into the asteroid belt because of the gravitational pull of the Sun

No. They orbit the sun.

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