How many atomic bombs were made?

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  • In WW2, four are documented: Gadget, Little Boy, Fat Man, and an unnamed one that didn't get used. Design yields all about 20 kilotons. Time span: 2 months.
  • Total, well over 200,000 on all sides including retired devices whose materials were remanufactured into newer generations of bombs. Design yields from 10 tons to 100 megatons. Time span: 5 decades.
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How many atomic bombs were made during ww2?

Three, one that was tested in the US, one was deployed at Hiroshimaand the third at Nagasaki. Bombs were under construction, but nofurther weapons were ready for use by the su

How many atom bombs have ever been made?

No one really knows for sure because some of the countries and even the US do not give accurate statistics on how many nuclear weapons we have in our stockpile. My guess would

Who made atom bomb?

albert Einstein ,Robert j. oppenhimer ,Michel montage ,phillip morrson,Leo zilland ,edward tellar ,and enrico fermi

How many atomic bombs were made for World War 2?

Four were completed prior to Japan's surrender: . MK-III, Gadget; tested at Trinity site in NM . MK-I, Little Boy; dropped by the B-29 Enola Gay on Hiroshima . MK-III, Fa
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What man made the atomic bomb?

You must be thinking of Oppenheimer. He did not personally make the bomb by himself. Thousands of workers were needed to create and build the three atomic bombs during World W
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How many atomic bombs were made in the US in all?

A total of more than 70,000 nuclear weapons of various typeswere made, many of these were recycled to make newer models. At the peak of the cold war the US nuclear stockpile