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How many atoms and are there in 36g of water?

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1 mole of water is 18g. 36g of water is thereforeequivalent to 2 moles.

2 moles of water contains 4 moles of hydrogen and 2 moles of oxygen and so there are6 moles of atoms in 2 moles of water.

6 moles of atoms x (3.6x10^24) = 36.1x10^24 atoms

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36g of water have how many molecules?

36g water contains 12.046 x 1023 molecules.

How many moles of be atoms in 36g of be?

Be, beryllium, has an atomic weight of 9g/mol. With that we can convert given grams to moles. 36g x 1mol/9g = 4 moles of Be

How do you make saturated NaCl solution?

Dissolve 36g in 100ml of water Dissolve 36g in 100ml of water -------------->lol ............ofcourse......what kind of question is this?

How many atoms are in 36g of bromine?

First work out the moles So do 36g / 80 (80 is bromine's relative atomic mass number) You have 0.45 M Then, do 0.45 * 6.02*10^23 You get 2.7*10^23, which is your answer

How many grams of water are equal to 2 moles of water?

Since:- mol = mass/Mr and water has an Mr of 18 then:- 2 x 18 = 36g

How many atoms does water have?

The number of atoms in water depends on how many molecules of water you have. In ONE molecule of water, there are 3 atoms (2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom).

How many atoms are in 5 moles of water?

how many atoms are in 5.00 moles of water

How many moles are in 36g?

it all depends on what element you are talking about

How many atoms in 36g of magnesium?

The gram atomic mass of magnesium is 24.305. Therefore, 36 g of magnesium contains (36/24.305) X Avogadro's Number or 8.9 X 1023 atoms, to the justified number of significant digits.

Where can one get a bra size of 36g?

Fresh Pair is an online store that sells a wide selection of bras including the 36g size. They sell 175 bras in the 36g size range. Bare Necessities also sells 36g bras. They have around 250 different 36g bra options.

How many atoms does water have in a molecule?

A single molecule of water has 3 atoms.

How many ounces is 36g grams?

36 grams = 1.2698 ounces

How many atoms are present in each water molecule?

A water molecule (H2O) has three atoms.

How many types of atoms are found in the water molecules?

There are two types of atoms found in water molecules: hydrogen and oxygen.

How many hydrogen atoms in water?

2 hydrogen atoms per molecule of water.

How many hydrogen atoms are a water molecule?

There are two hydrogen atoms in a water molecule.

How many atoms does a molecule of of water contain?

A molecule of of water contain 3 atoms.

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