How many atoms are split at a time in a nuclear reactor?

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This is going to be a big number! Each fission releases 200 MeV, and 1 MeV = 1.6 X 10-13 Joules, so 1 fission = 3.2 x 10-11 Joules. Now if the thermal power produced by the reactor is 3000 MW (corresponding to an electrical output of 1000 MW) this means 3000 x 106 Joules per second, or 3 x 109 Joules /sec. So the number of fissions/sec in the reactor is 3 x 109 divided by 3.2 x 10-11 , so if we call 3/3.2 = unity, for simplicity, the number of fissions per second is 1020. I said it would be big!

Reactor physicists use a number called the neutron flux to describe the intensity of the nuclear fission process, this is the number of neutrons crossing an area of 1 sq cm per second. This number helps to define the fuel rating and effects on reactor components in the active core. Obviously the total number of fissions occurring in the reactor overall per second depends on this and the size of the reactor.
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What is the structure of a nuclear fission reactor as used in a nuclear or atomic power station?

The reactor is roughly cylindrical in shape. Fuel plates or fuel rods are welded up in what is called a fuel bundle, and the bundles are arranged within the inside of the pressure vessel to create the core. There are a number of pictures and drawings that can be viewed by using the links supplied.. ( Full Answer )

How many nuclear reactor disasters have there been?

Answer Not all of them are fully known. . Chernobal was the worst . Three Mile Island was a problem . There have been a number of nuclear submarines that have sunk . And there have been a number of nuclear warheads lost at sea. Answer The International Nuclear Event Scale (see Wikipedia li ( Full Answer )

What is a nuclear reactor?

An assembly of fissile fuel (U-235 or PU-239) arranged in ageometric array. The assembly can be made to go critical such thata chain reaction starts which builds up a neutron flux inside theassembly. The chain reaction is controlled at a steady level usingneutron absorbing control rods. The nuclear ( Full Answer )

How many people does it take to run a nuclear reactor?

If the reactor is in steady operation, not refuelling, or shutting down/starting up, I would think about 5 on the reactor itself, there will be others in the turbine hall and other equipment. There will be the reactor desk operator, his supervisor in overall charge, one or two plant attendants, and ( Full Answer )

How many nuclear reactors were there in France in 1973?

In 1973 nuclear power in France was at a cross-roads. The earlier gas cooled graphite reactors (eight were built), similar to the magnox design in the UK, were clearly not adequate for future power demands, and decisions were made to follow the PWR route in future. I do not have details of when thes ( Full Answer )

Why is the UK in favor of having many nuclear energy reactors?

Nuclear energy is back in favour, at least in Government circles, because it does not produce CO 2 pollution, and also because reserves of natural gas from the North Sea fields are becoming depleted. I don't know about many reactors, perhaps up to 10 in the next ten years is more likely.

How many nuclear reactors are there in a nuclear power plant?

There is no fixed number, but most nuclear stations have two reactors. These are usually run quite separately, with separate generating equipment, so that whilst one reactor is being refuelled the other can continue to produce power. Some stations have more than two reactors, but usually then they h ( Full Answer )

How does fission of uranium atoms take place in a nuclear reactor?

Nuclear fission is the splitting up of big atomic nuclei. Uranium is quite a large nuclei. Each time a uranium atom splits up, it spits out two or three neutrons. One of which might hit another nuclei causing it to split - thus keeping the chain reaction going. The uranium atom - when hit by a neutr ( Full Answer )

How many megawatts are Navy nuclear reactors?

The actual output of any Navy reactor type is classified, but it's enough to power a small city. There are several types of reactors also, each with their own capability and output.

Why does splitting the atom create a nuclear explosion?

Splitting an atom (fission) releases energy and more than one neutron. If there is a nearby atom, the neutron can cause the atom to split, releasing more neutrons. The "chain reaction" proceeds exponentially. At each split more energy is released. Eventually the energy is sufficient to wipe out whol ( Full Answer )

Can a nuclear reactor explode like an atomic bomb?

In short: no. By far the biggest explosion danger in a nuclear reactor ischemical. During the Three Mile Island incident, one of the majorconcerns was that a hydrogen bubble which had formed in the reactorfrom the reaction of very hot water with the metals in the reactorcore would ignite and explod ( Full Answer )

How many nuclear power reactors are there in India?

See the list in link below There are six nuclear power stations in India, with a total of seventeen nuclear reactors in them. There are also six research and production reactors, but such reactors are not usually included in counts of reactors in a country because they are small and do not typical ( Full Answer )

Who built the first nuclear reactor the 'Atomic pile'?

This was built as part of the Manhattan Project in WW2, to demonstrate the principle of the chain reaction. The results were used to design the Hanford piles to produce plutonium. The chief scientist for the Chicago pile was Enrico Fermi, first criticality in 1942

Were nuclear reactors used during war time?

Yes, the US used the three plutonium production reactors it built at Hanford, WA during WW2 to make the plutonium for the three atomic bombs made during WW2: the Trinity test device shot on a tower in NM on July 16, 1945, the Fatman MK-III bomb dropped on Nagasaki on August 9, 1945, and an unnamed M ( Full Answer )

Is the nuclear reactor useful to made atom bombs?

Yes, the nuclear reactor can be useful when it comes to making nuclear weapons. Uranium can be lowered into the operating reactor and can be bathed in the neutron flux to become (through nuclear transformation) plutonium. Plutonium is ready to be shaped into the subcritical masses used in nuclear we ( Full Answer )

How many US nuclear reactors have been lost at sea?

some, also the navy deliberately sunk some because it was believed to be a safe disposal method at the time. exact counts are probably classified. Try a FOIA request or a MDR request.

How many nuclear reactors are in Texas?

There are two nuclear power plants comprising four units in Texas, along with three research reactors at two universities. . Comanche Peak - Two PWR's . South Texas Project - Two PWR's . Texas A&M - One AGN - One TRIGA . University of Texas at Austin - One TRIGA

How many deaths are due to nuclear reactors?

I'm not aware of any deaths which have been attributed to nuclear reactors in the US, Canada, or W Europe. What has happened in the past in the Soviet Union has never been fully admitted, but one suspects some accidents might have occurred especially in the early days. There were certainly well docu ( Full Answer )

How many nuclear reactors does japan have?

Before the Fukushima Daiichi Disaster, there were 54 operational nuclear reactors in Japan. Three of those melted down, and one had problems that rendered it inoperable. The government has decided the other two reactors at Fukushima Daiichi cannot be restarted. Also, as other reactors have been shut ( Full Answer )

Why does Japan have many nuclear reactors?

The reason for having many reactors is because you can produce more electrical energy from them. Also Japan use BWR type reactors(Boiling Water Reactor) which are not as efficent as a more commonly used PWR reactor(Pressurized Water Reactor).

Was the knowledge from atom bomb used to make a nuclear reactor?

No, Enrico Fermi constructed and operated the first nuclear reactor (CP-1) in 1942. Several larger nuclear reactors were needed first to make the plutonium for the MK-3 Fatman atomic bomb, which was not tested until 1945. Their principles of operation are quite different, except that both operate by ( Full Answer )

How many wind turbines does it take to equal a nuclear reactor?

Nuclear reactors and wind turbines both vary in size and the amount of power they can generate, so an exact answer is really not possible. But, a nuclear reactor can typically generate in the neighborhood of 1100 Megawatts of power, and as of 2011, a typical wind turbine installed on a large wind ( Full Answer )

How many nuclear reactors does fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant has and how many exploded?

There are six total and as far as I know from press reports four have been damaged. I think Nos 1,3, and 4 have had hydrogen explosions damaging the buildings. All four have probably had partial meltdown or at least damage to some of the fuel. The state of the primary pressure vessels is unknown but ( Full Answer )

How many pounds of uranium are in a nuclear reactor?

The quantity depends on: the type of the reactor, power of the reactor, enrichment of uraniu, chemical form of the fuel, etc. For a research reactor some kilograms, for a power reactor more than 100 tonnes/year.

How many nuclear reactor in world?

As of February 2, 2012 in 31 countries 435 nuclear power plant units with an installed electric net capacity of about 368 GW are in operation and 63 plants with an installed capacity of 61 GW are in 15 countries under construction. Country . In operation . Under construction . Num ( Full Answer )

Who built the first nuclear reactor the atomic pile?

There was not one person. An entire group of scientists led by the Italian physicist, Enrico Fermi, and Leo Szilard, who I believe was Polish, built the atomic pile under the squash courts at the University of Chicago. Many other people were also involved.

How many nuclear reactors are located in Alaska?

There are zero nuclear reactors in Alaska. Alaska and Hawaii both contain zero nuclear reactors. The reason being for Alaska is their abundance of natural resources for gas and their low population density.

What type of atom is used in nuclear reactors?

The fuel in current reactors is all uranium. Usually enriched to 3% uranium-235.. Someday part of the fuel might be plutonium, either recycled from bombs or made in breeder reactors. But not now..

What happens in a nuclear reaction when an atom is split?

The more protons and neutrons that are present in an atom's nucleus, the more energy it takes to hold the nucleus together against the electrical repulsive force. If we cause the nucleus to split into two lighter atoms, then each of the "child" nuclei require less energy to hold them together - and ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between nuclear fission in an atomic bomb and in a nuclear reactor?

The nuclear fission is the same, it is the state of criticality andthus the rate of change in nuclear fission that is different. . in a subcritical assembly the rate of nuclear fission slows,eventually stopping . in a critical assembly (i.e. nuclear reactor) the rate ofnuclear fission holds const ( Full Answer )

How many nuclear reactors are in Michigan?

There are three nuclear power plants in Michigan. Enrico Fermi,Donald C. Cook and Palisades have one, two and one operatingreactors, respectively. As regards active nuclear reactors used forgenerating electric power, that's the list. The count is one plustwo plus one, or four reactors.