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there are three molecules

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How many atoms are in zinc or how many atoms are in a molecule?

Zinc is an atom however there are 30 proton and electrons in a zinc atom. The number of atoms depends on the molecule, I'm sorry

How many atoms are in zinc fluoride?

The chemical formula for zinc floride is ZnF2. Thus, a single molecule of zinc floride contains one zinc atom and two floride atoms, for a total of three atoms.

How many ATOMS are in zinc oxide?

Zinc oxide has the formula ZnO. Each molecule of zinc oxide contains 1 zinc atom and 1 oxygen atom for a total of 2 atoms.

How many atoms of chlorine combine with one atom of zinc to form a molecule of zinc chloride?

The formula for Zinc Chloride is ZnCl2. That means that for every 1 atom of Zinc there are 2 atoms of chlorine.

How many Zn atoms are in Zn(ClO3)2?

There are : 1 zinc atom 2 chlorine atoms 6 oxygen atoms in this zinc chlorate molecule.

How many atoms in zinc chloride?

there are 3 atoms in zinc chloride

What are the elements of Zinc Sulfate?

Chemical formula for it is ZnSO4. It has atoms of Zinc,Sulphur and oxygen.

How many atoms are in 1 mole of zinc atoms?

6.022x1023 atoms in one mole of zinc

How many atoms in zinc sulfide?

Zinc sulfide contains just zinc and sulfur, no other atoms.

How many atoms total are in one moleclue?

A molecule is a combination of atoms. To know how many atoms are in one molecule, you have to find out what atoms are in the molecule.

How many atoms are in zinc chloride?

In Zinc Chloride (ZnCl2), there is one zinc atom, and two chlorine atoms.

How many atoms of zinc and chloride are in ZnCl2?

There is 1 atom of Zinc. There are 2 atoms of Chloride.

How many atoms of zinc are in 10.2 moles of zinc?

This number is 6,1425841158.10(ex.24) atoms.

How many atoms are in ZnNO32?

1 atom of Zn (zinc) + 2 atoms of N (nitrogen) + 6 atoms of O (oxygen) = 9 atoms in 1 molecule of Zn(NO3)2.

How many atoms are in .750 moles of zinc?

0,750 moles of zinc contain 4,51660564275.1023 atoms.

How many potassium atoms are there in potassium oxide?

K2O: 3 atoms in the molecule K2O2: 4 atoms in the molecule KO2: 3 atoms in the molecule

How many atoms are in a molecule of sulfur?

There are eight Atoms in a molecule of sulphur (S8).

How many atoms are in a co2 molecule?

There are three atoms in a carbon dioxide molecule.

How many atoms of sulfur molecule are in S8?

There are 8sulfur atoms in the molecule S8.

How many atoms does water have in a molecule?

A single molecule of water has 3 atoms.

How many atoms are there in an oxygen molecule O2?

The oxygen molecule has two atoms.

How many atoms does zinc sulfate have?

One formula unit of zinc sulfate is ZnSO4. It contains 6 atoms.

How many atoms are in c2h2 molecule?

There are four atoms in C2H2 molecule Two carbon atoms and two hydrogen atoms.

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