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How many awards has todd strasser gotten?

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He has received 26 awards.

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What awards did Todd Strasser win?


Who did Todd Strasser marry?

Todd Strasser married Mary Martin.

When did todd strasser start writing?

In 1689, Todd Strasser begin writing.

What is the genre of The Wave by Todd Strasser?

The genre of The Wave by Todd Strasser is young adult

How many books did Todd Strasser write?


How old is Todd Strasser?

Todd Strasser was born on May 5, 1950 in New York.

Does Todd Strasser have kids?


Where does Todd Strasser get his ideas?

from your mom

Who wrote the wave?

Todd Strasser

Is Todd Strasser still alive?

Yes he is

What school did todd strasser go to?

he was a dummy

Is Todd Strasser dead?

No. He is still alive

Where does Todd Strasser live?

Cows go moo

Who wrote the book Can't Get There From Here?

Todd Strasser

Why did todd strasser write The Wave?

Todd Strasser wrote "The Wave" to provide an account based on the true story of the plot. He wrote it as a fictional account of an actual experiment in California.

Is todd strasser alive?

Yes, he is 58 years old.

Who was behind the accident in The accident by Todd Strasser?

Bobby stewart

What company is Todd Strasser from?

Todd Strasser has been published by a variety of companies, including Disney, Dell, Pocket Books, Scholastic and others. He writes a lot of the novelizations of popular children's movies.

Is Todd Strasser married?

Author Todd Strasser, best known for his young adult book adaptations of popular movies (such as Ferris Beuler's Day Off) married in 1981 and has two children.

In Boot Camp by Todd Strasser what is Garrett's name?

Garrett Durrell

What excuse did many Nazis make after the war about the killing of Jews in the book the wave by todd strasser?

"I was just following orders."

Does todd strasser have children?

Yes he has, a doughter and a son. but I don't know the names! :/

The lesson in the story On the Bridge by Todd Strasser?

what is the coler of the sky? blue or even ornge

What is the genre to the book cant get there from here by Todd Strasser?

I think just realistic fiction...

Who are the characters in Is that a sick cat in your backpack by Todd Strasser?

The three Tardy brothers, TJ, Wade and Leyton, are main characters in "Is That A Sick Cat In Your Backpack" by Todd Strasser. Skinny Kitty and Cat Spy Scratchy are also characters in the book.

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