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about 5 to 4 young.

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Who is silver the hedghog?

silver is a white or white hedghog that have power that can controle people and objects he can be super silver like sonic the hedghog

Who is shadic the hedghog?

shadic is a hedghog mixed with sonic and shadow thats why he is called shadic

Is shadow the hedghog gay?

No, shadow the hedghog is not gay but according to recent polls, people say that he does have a vasceptifanacular touch to his evil side.

Is shadow the hedghog sonic the hedghog's brother?

No because Dr Eggmans grandfather made shadow a hundred years ago so shadow is part robot and hedghog. so sonic is just a hedghog from a differant planet

Is a hedgehog a pig?

no a hedghog is not related to a pig.

Is Sonic the hedghog?

Yeah, he's the blue hedgehog.

Is sonic the hedghog real?

Nope, wish he was though......

How many people hate sonic the hedghog?

I could say a lot, But I'm not on of the haters, I'm a HUGE fan!^_^

Where did silver the hedghog come from?

I hear that he is Sonic from the a ruined futcher

Is sonic the hedghog fast?

Yeah!!!! He runs at the speed of sound!

Is a Amy rose a hedghog?

Yes, Amy Rose is a hedgehog.

Does the duelist toolbox have quilbolt hedghog?

no, but he is in the box with road warrior in it it.

Who Was Telamon On Roblox?

sonic the hedghog he is 16 years old

What kind of animal is a pangoiln?

it came across of a hedghog and an armadillo.

Sonic the hedghog answers?

The question is non-specific and does not make sense.

Who is nazo the hedghog?

Well nazo is a unused sonic x character.

What food do hedghogs eat?

You can look around the internet for hedghog food.

Is shadow the hedghog evil?

he is just very serious, but hes nice

Is silver playable in sonic generations?

no he is not. he is only in sonic the hedghog 2006

Who does silver the hedghog like?

Well this is easy, Silver likes Blaze.

What is collective noun for hedghog?

The standard collective noun is: an array of hedgehogs.

How old is silver the hedghog?

the answer is 29 one year older than Mario

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