How many babies are born per minute in the world?

300 babies per minute, 50 per second and 900 every 3 minutes

255 babies born every minute

Well without getting too complicated, we could look at the number of births in the world for 2007 then convert that to a rate per minute.

As of 2007, the average birth rate for the whole world is 20.3 per year per 1000 total population,which for a world population of 6.6 billion comes to 134 million babies per year.

There were 365 days in 2007, 24 hours per day and 60 minutes per hour so 365 x 24 x 60= 525600 minutes per year.

in 2007 there were 134 000 000 babies born/yr divided by 525 600 minutes/yr = 255 babies born every minute.

250 are born every minute. But many people die every minute, so it is not as much as it seems.
150 people are born every minute around the world (:
255 etimated but not by me off the internet.