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Q: How many babies can an African elephant have?
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How many babies does an African elephant have at once?


How many babies do African elephant have at a time?


How many babies does an african elephant have?

Just one, it takes an elephant just under 2 years to gestate.

How African elephant babies are born?


How many babies will an elephant have in a lifetime?

The number of babies that an elephant will have in a lifetime will vary. On average they will have about 5 babies in their life.

What animal surrounds the African elephant?

Lions and hyenas often surround the African elephant, and especially elephant babies, in order to prey on them for food. African elephants are also often surrounded by birds that pick insects from their skin.

How often does the African elephant have babies?

once two to four years

How many babies does an African elephant have a year?

The gestation period of an elephant is more than one year. It is therefore impossible to have more than one in a given year.

How many babies does an African Elephant do at a time?

African elephants have one baby every time. They have their first calf when around the age of 12. Female calves will stay with their mother for life while the male calves leave when they're in their teens.A female elephant can have 5-six elephant babies in her life time but rarely 10

How many babies does a African elephant have a year?

Technically the answer is zero. African elephants are pregnant for about 22 months so they only have babies about once every two to four years.Elephants can only have one baby a year, because elephant gestation lasts for almost 2 years.

How many babies can an elephant have in their lifetime?

Around six babies.

How many babies can an elephant?


How many kinds of African elephants are there?

There are two kinds of African elephants: (1) the African bush elephant; and (2) the African forest elephant.

How many babies do elephant seals have?

Elephant seals normally have 1 or 2 babies, but can sometimes have up to 4 or 5.

How many elephant will be there in a group of elephant?

6 elephants and usually 2 babies.

Which is bigger the African elephant or the Asian elephant?

The African elephant

How many babies does a elephant have?

They can have up to 16

How many wrinkles does an African elephant have?

an elephant has two thousand wrinkles

Which elephant has bigger ears the African or the the Indian elephant?

The African elephant.

What does the African elephant?

Another African elephant?

How is an African elephant and Indian elephant different?

The Indian elephant has two humps on the head and the African elephant has one. The African elephant is a lot larger than the Indian elephant

How is the African elephant different from the Indian elephant?

Indian elephant is not as big as African elephant. Indian elephant has smaller teeth than African elephant.

How many babies does an elephant have at 1 time?

An Elephant Has one Baby at one time.

Which elephant is bigger African elephant or Indian elephant?

The African elephant is the larger of the two species.

What is the spieshes of an elephant?

there are 3,African elephant, Asian elephant,and African forest.