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How many babies do worms have?

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8 atthe most.


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How many babies do worms have at a time?

80 to 100

What do worms reproduce?


What are barking worms?

Barking worms are worms that had babies with a dog . They are really rare in the united states .

Can boy worms have babies?

Yes, because all worms are half boy and half girl and they mate and can both get babies!

What are those little worms called that live in water?

they are not worms, they are bug larve, (Bug babies to you and me)

What do bluebirds feed their babies?

Worms and other insects.

What do mama birds feed their babies?


What can be used as fish food?

Mosquito babies or meal worms

What does a mother robin need to feed her babies?

Worms I think...:)

Can worms have babies?

Yes, they can, because that's how all animals live.

What do bess beatle babies look like?

small white worms.

Dose a worms give birth to live babies?

Earthworms lay eggs.

Why do you get fat babies?

because the mum bird is too good at catching worms.

Can baby swallows eat worms?

Parents puree them before feeding the babies.

Do cardinals eat worms?

In Northern USA they do! To my knowledge they do not. they eat insects and some types of berries. babies will eat them but worms are of no nutritional value to them.

How do lightning bugs have babies?

Lightning bugs have babies in the form of larvae. These are laid in the soil away from predators. The larvae feed on worms.

How do birds catch worms?

Birds catch worms by stepping on the ground the worms will think it's rain so they will go to the surface and then the birds will take the worm and eat/give it to it's babies.

Do humans eat worms?

yes worms do eat worms. there are many parts of the world where they eat worms.

How many babies can Hector's dolphins have at one time?

how many babies can a dolphin have ? ? how many babies can a dolphin have ? ? how many babies can a dolphin have ? ? how many babies can a dolphin have ? ?

How many babies can a ladybug have?

how many babies can a ladybug have how many babies can a ladybug have

What are worms with many segments?

Annelid worms are segmented .

What do robins feed their babies?

Most birds feed their babies what they eat themselves, only torn up into smaller pieces. Robins eat insects and worms.

If your cat has worms how many worms do they have?

If you cat has worms, then they have more than one worm. There is not set amount of worms that animals get when they have them.

How many babies can a water frog have?

Many babies 400 babies!

How many worms can a bird eat a day?

How many worms can a beird eat in a day

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