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Q: How many babies where born per second during the baby boom?
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Which was not a result of the Baby boom World War II?

There were no babies born during that war.

What is a baby called who was born during world war 2?

baby boom babies because there were so many babies born after the war.

What was the cause of the 'baby boom' in the 1960s?

The cause of the baby boom was lots of people had babies and those babies had more babies and so on and so on.

What were the results of the baby boom?


How many babies were borm in the baby boom?


What were the effects of the baby boom in the fifties?

A lot of babies were born?

What are the release dates for Muppet Babies - 1984 Muppet Baby Boom 5-6?

Muppet Babies - 1984 Muppet Baby Boom 5-6 was released on: USA: 15 October 1988

Why did the boom in America happen?

By "boom" do you mean "the baby boom"? The baby boom happened because after the World War, all the men came home to their wives. As you can imagine they missed each other terribly. And they started having babies.

Who is baby boom?

baby boom refers to all the babies born in the last generation, not to a person. there were a lot of babies born, so now there's more old people than young people - hence the problem with social security

Why did baby boom happen?

The baby boom happened when our soldiers started coming home after the end of world war II. They had been away from their wife's and girlfriends for 1 to four years and were in the mood for lots of loving. Hundreds of thousands of babies were born during this period of time and that is why they are called baby boomers. I hope you understand my explination. rjwhite2

What year had the most babies born in US?

2007 has beat out the baby boom after world war 2 for the most babies born in the u.s. ever.

When was Boom Boom Baby created?

Boom Boom Baby was created in 1958.

How can a guinea pig have babies without a male?

That is impossible. Guinea pigs need a male to have babies just like humans you can not put to girls together and boom you have a baby you have to have a female and a male to produce a baby.

What events took place during the baby boom?

your birth

Where is the baby from baby boom?

The term "baby boom" most often refers to the dramatic post-World War II baby boom (1946-1964). There are an estimated 78.3 million Americans who were born during this demographic boom in births. The term is a general demographic one and is also applicable to other similar population expansions.

What is the term used to explain the increase in the number of births after World War 2?

The term for the dramatic rise in births from 1946 to 1964 was termed by the sociologists was called "The Baby Boom" and the babies born during that time period are known as the Baby Boomers.

When did the baby boom occur during the cold war?

The baby boom occured right after the end of World War II when all the men came home from Europe.

What is the name of the song shake your booty baby shake your booty baby..boom boom boom boom?

it is called boom boom boom by yardi don

How many babies are born daily in Ireland?

250 baby bundles are born every day here in Ireland. There is a baby boom in 2011 and they forecast that there could be 350 babies born each day of this year. Good for the country!

How do you know who is a baby boomer?

The baby boom occurred during the 1950's, therefore any person that was born during this time period would be known as a baby boomer.

What was the population shift during the 1950s?

The baby boom that lasted from 1946 - 1964

What happen to children during the baby boom?

population of children increases rapidly

Who was the first baby boomer president?

Bill Clinton , born in 1946, is the first baby boomer to be US President. He was truly part of the baby boom, since he was conceived soon after his father returned from the service. When the soldiers came back from fighting in the World War II after having been away from their wives for 4 years of so, a large number of babies were conceived and born, producing what was called the baby boom. Babies born in 1946 or 1947 were called baby boomers.

Is bowling boom a tv show back in the 1950's?

No, it was a time where people were really interested in bowling as a sport. It was just like the "baby boom" when soldiers returned from war, the had a lot of babies. The "Bowling boom" was a rise in bowling popularity.

How do you use the word baby boom in a sentence?

There was a baby boom in the U.S.