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Q: How many backpackers travel through playa del Carmen Mexico a year?
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What companies offer travel insurance to backpackers? you should check this website out as it offers backpacker travel insurance. there are many other companies that also provide backpackers travel insurance

Why do backpackers travel?

Because of their curiosity.It's a Spirit.

What kind of travel insurance do backpackers need?

Backpackers need travel insurances to cover insurance for the case that someone from the group might hurt someone or a wild animal. It also should cover an emergency service cover.

Where can one obtain specialist travel insurance for backpackers?

There are many good places to go for specialist travel insurance, and in particular for backpackers. A few valuable websites that offer this are the TravelGuard website, the AllianzTravelInsurance website, and the InsureAndGoUSA website.

How far is Chicago US from playa del Carmen Mexico?

There is a distance of 2,924.1 miles between Playa del Carmen located in Quintana Roo Mexico and Chicago Illinois in the United States. This takes an estimated 50 hours and 52 minutes to travel by car.

If you traveled north of Texas would you probably travel through New Mexico Oklahoma or Kansas?

It is most likely that you would travel through New Mexico or Oklahoma.

Where can someone go to obtain backpacking insurance?

Purchasing traveler's insurance is a good idea, no matter what type of trip you are taking. Backpackers can purchase travel insurance easily through most travel agents. Many Canadian banks also offer a full range of insurance including travel insurance.

What types of goods travel through Mexico?

Being the 11th largest economy in the world, not only finished products travel through Mexico; foodstuffs, raw materials and capital goods move through roads, railroads and shipping lanes.

If you traveled northwest of Texas what state would you travel through New Mexico Oklahoma or Kansas?

new Mexico

What states did coronado travel through?

I think it is arizona and new mexico

How do i go around new Mexico to California?

Travel north of New Mexico going through Colorado, Utah and Nevada.

What countries does rio grande river travel through?

Mexico and the United States.

How do people travel in Mexico?

Most people walk through or use buses in the streets of mexico while other use cars, trucks and motorcycles to get through roads and highways.

Do you need a passport to travel from NY to Hawaii?

Not as long as you didn't travel through Canada or Mexico, are a US citizen and have proper identification.

States you would go through to get to the Gulf of Mexico from Maine?

None if your travel was by sea.

How long is the drive from dallas to playa del Carmen?

Driving distance between Dallas, TX and Playa del Carmen, Mexico is approximately of 3135 kilometers (1948 miles). The driving time would be approximately 35 hours if you were to travel non-stop in good driving conditions.

How far did Francisco Vazquez de Coronado travel?

He traveled through 5 states. Louisiana, New mexico, Arizona, Texas, and Mexico

Do you need a passport to go to the US?

Not if you travel through Mexico to get here. If you come through Canada or use a seaport or airport, yes.

How many countries do you need to travel through get from Mexico to Argentina?

It depends on the route you take, but you need to travel across most of Central and South America.

In which direction would you travel to go from texas to washington?

In order to travel from Texas to Washington, a person would have to go northwest. A person would travel through New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, and Idaho.

What states would you pass through if you wanted to travel west by car from Texas to California?

New Mexico, and Nevada

How many states does Route 66 travel through?

It travels through 8. Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.

How can one get to Volks USA from Mexico?

To get to Volks USA from Mexico, one must first get a visa, green card, or passport to pass through the border between Mexico and United States. Then, one must travel to California.

Name the mountains you would travel through by driving from San Diego to Mexico City?

If driving south on highway 2 to highway 15 into Mexico City, you will pass through the Sierra Madre Mountains, which are also an extension of the Rocky Mountains.

Which states would you pass through if you wanted to travel by car from Dallas TX to los angeles CA using the the shortest route?

If you want to drive from Dallas to Los Angeles you will travel through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California