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there are 1,000,000,000,000,000, bacterias in the world

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How many bacteria in the world?

there is actually millions and countless bacteria in the world

How many types of bacteria in the world?

There are a total of 7 types of bacteria in the world.

How many bacteria cells are there in the world?


How many types of bacteria are in the world?

there is 7 types i think

Are bacteria anaerobic or aerobic?

Some bacteria in the world are considered to be anaerobic bacteria. Other bacteria in the world are considered to be aerobic.

What is an example of a parasitic bacteria?

There are many different types of parasitic bacteria in the world. Some of these include Brucella, Legionella, Mycobacterium, and Nocardia.

What would your world be like without bacteria?

the world without bacteria we could not survive

What is the offspring of a bacteria?

The offspring of bacteria is aptly called bacteria. There are hundreds of thousands of types of bacteria in the world.

Why is there a great variety of bacteria in the world?

well bacteria are classified by their attributes and due to adaptations for their environment and how quickly the multiply (about every 2 hours (averagely)) many bacteria species are found.

How many kinds of bacteria has there been found in the world?

plz , i need to this anawer , help me ?

What would happen if there are no bacteria in this world show in detail?

if there is no bacteria in this world so in this condition all over the world is polluted

What is the world percentage of bacteria?

The answer will depend on what you are measuring:mass of bacteria as a total of the world's massmass of bacteria as a percentage of bio-massnumber of bacteria species as a percentage of total number of speciesmass of bacteria in the world as a percentage of bacteria on the world and in intergalactic spacenumber of bacteria species in the world as a percentage of bacteria on the world and in intergalactic spaceThere are probably percentage measures that, in the right circumstances, are equally valid. So have a good think about what you want to measure before you fir off a question.

Who invented bacteria in the world?

Bacteria is a life form germ that occurs naturally in the world. It was not invented by anyone.

What is the difference between a bacteria and a whale?

There is a world of difference, but the most important difference is that the bacteria is an organism consisting of only one cell, and the whale is made of many cells.

How many percent good bacteria and bad bacteria?

85% good bacteria 15% bad bacteria

What are the dieseses you can get from bacteria?

Bacteria come in many shapes and sizes, and they can cause a lot of many diseases and colds. It depends in the severity of the bacteria, how many bacteria there are, and what kind of bacteria they are. Bacteria can cause from salmonella to the simple cold. Ecoli, a type of bacteria found in untreated water, can cause you to be throwing up for months at a time.

Are bacteria many celled?

No. Bacteria are single-celled.

What is bacteria excrete?

Many bacteria excrete urea.

What bacteria does?

Bacteria can do many things. there are many types of bacteria...1 type of bacteria can make you vomet, some can make you die. I would ask your doctor about this question.

Is a bacteria consumer?

Most bacteria are consumers, of which many are decomposers. But some bacteria are producers.

What are the 3 kinds of bacteria?

There are MANY, MANY kinds of bacteria. Unless you mean threats to the human body, bacteria, virus, parasite...

How many spieces of bacteria are there?

their could be many different types of bacteria and no one knows for sure how many there is

Do Germans have bacteria?

Bacteria are found throughout the world and humankind. Germany and Germans are no exception.

Is bacteria matter?

Yes bacteria is matter because everthing in the world is made of matter.

How can the word 'bacteria' be used in a sentence?

Bacteria are one-celled organisms. Here are some sentences.Bacteria cause many infections.Many bacteria can live in places no other organisms can.Scientists have found traces of bacteria on asteroids.