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Well for 1 horse getting 1 bag would be enough for like 2 or 3 weeks depends how much it eats and how big the bag of pellets is but you will always have to buy more like you would for a dog.....................

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Q: How many bags of feed do you need for a horse?
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How many bags of feed does an average horse go through in a year?

The average horse does not really need any feed other than hay, grass, water and mineral and salt blocs. The only horses that may need horse feed are horses in intense work, pregant mares, breeding stallion, hard keepers, etc. And at that, it varies greatly. If they only need a single scoop of feed, probably less than 20 bags of a 20 lb bag of feed. However if they need 10, 15 gallons of feed, they could go through a bag of feed a week. But the average horse does not need, and is better off without, horse feed.

How many bags of potatos would you need you need to feed 80 people?

It depends on the size of the bags and the size of the potatoes.

How many 3 lb bags of salad do you need to feed 100?


What do you need to feed your horse?

hay carrots(not too many) apples(not too many) horse treats(not too many) and if you need to oats or something!

How do you feed a horse?

you can feed a horse hay, carrots ,apples and you need to feed the horse at less two times a day

How many times in a day do you need to feed a horse or pony?

2 times

How many lbs of feed does a horse need to be fed a day?

the amount you feed your horse all depends on the size of the horse, how much excerisise it gets, if it is in stall or pasture and what you feed it. usually any where from 12lbs-22lbs a day.

How much Pellet does a horse eat every day?

It depends on the horse. If your horse is fat then you need to cut down on the horse feed, but if your horse is too skinny then you need to increase their feed until the horse gets back up to his/her weight.

How do you get horse food on harvest moon ds?

you can't, you don't need to feed your horse.

How many acres to feed a horse in West Texas?

For a horse living out full time you need at least 1 acre per horse. I would also suggest using a vitamin supplement and if the horse is in medium to hard work then a energy food as well! If you are unsure on what to feed I recommend calling a feed supplier helpline!

How much oats do you feed your horse per day?

Unless you need your horse to have a lot of energy, or they have a high work load, you do not need to feed oats on a regular basis at all.

How do you know if you need horse supplies?

I guess you would need basic items if you have a horse. A feed bag, curry brush, etc. are good horse items for horse people.

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