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There are twenty seven (27) barrier islands in South Carolina. They are:

Bear Island

Daniel Island

Daufuskie Island

Dewees Island

Dreher Island

Edisto Island

Folly Island

Fripp Island

Harbor Island

Hilton Head Island

Hunting Island

Isle of Palms

James Island

Johns Island

Kiawah Island

Lady's Island

Morris Island

Parris Island

Pawleys Island

Pinckney Island

Saint Helena Island

Sandy Island

Sea Islands

Seabrook Island

Sullivan's Island

Wadmalaw Island

Waites Island

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Q: How many barrier islands in South Carolina?
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How many Rhode Islands can fit in South Carolina?

20.72 Rhode Islands can fit into South Carolina

How many barrier islands does North Carolina have?

There are around 9 barrier islands and 1 system of barrier islands. Go to the following link:

How many islands are there in South Carolina?

About fifty

How many barrier islands does Georgia have?

Georgia has 8 clusters of barrier islands.

What parts of north America are barrier islands found?

Along the coast. There are many along the Gulf Coast, such as Padre Island in Texas. There are barrier islands in Mississippi, also off the coast of Virginia, North Carolina, New York and many other coastal areas. See link for more info about barrier islands.

How many miles of shoreline is North Carolina?

More than 3,375 miles of shoreline (including the offshore barrier islands).

How many islands are in the Virginia barrier islands?


What are some geographical characteristics of South Carolina?

South Carolina is a relatively small but very diverse state in topography. The state borders the Atlantic ocean on the east and is at the foothills of the Smokey Mountains to the north. The Piedmont area in the middle of the state was once coastal and has much sand. There is also numerous swampy areas as you travel from the central portion of the state toward the coast. South Carolina is shielded from the Atlantic ocean by its many barrier islands.

How many barrier islands are in Georgia?

18...Cumberland is the biggest

How many islands are in North Carolina?

There are no islands in North Carolina or South Carolina as N. C. and S. C. are integral parts of the southeastern U.S. There are extensive islands just off-coast (in the Atlantic Ocean) of both states including a popular tourist attraction, Myrtle Beach, S. C.

How many aquariums are there in South Carolina?

There is only one aquarium in South Carolina. It is the South Carolina Aquarium that is located in Charleston, South Carolina.

How many aquariums are in South Carolina?

There is only one aquarium in South Carolina. It is the South Carolina Aquarium that is located in Charleston, South Carolina.

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