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Back in the 1950 baseball teams commonly traveled by Bus or train to visiting cities. In 190's all the teams in both league were located in the eastern part of the country. They never had to travel further west than Cincinnati, St. Louis, or Chicago.

The Major League's consisted of sixteen teams in all. eight teams in the National League, and eight teams in the American league. The National league teams included, Philadelphia Phillies, Brooklyn Dodgers, New York Giants, Boston Braves, St. Louis Cardinals, Cincinnati Reds, and Chicago Cubs.

The American league Teams included, New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers, Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, Washington Senators, Chicago White Sox, St. Louis Browns, and Philadelphia Athletics.

The New York Yankees were the dominant team during the 1950's winning Six world Series Titles.

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Q: How many baseball teams were there in the 1950's?
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