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How many baseballs used in a World Series game?


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Dozens. There is no specific number because it depends on how many are hit out of play

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The actual number of baseballs used during a game varies. However, the average is about 46 baseballs per baseball game.

The number of baseballs used in a 9 inning game can differ from many foul balls and homeruns. So there is no exact number of baseballs used in a 9 inning game.

Matt Treanor started in one game of the 2010 World Series. It was Game 2 of the series.

Two. He had the game-winning single for the Florida Marlins in Game 7 of the 1997 World Series and the game-winning home run for the San Francisco Giants in Game 5 of the 2010 World Series.

Depending on what you are looking for: Athletics Franchise (Philadelphia & Oakland) World Series Championships 9 World Series Game Victories 41 Oakland Athletics World Series Championships 4 World Series Game Victories 17

2.1) 2nd inning of Game 1 of the 1952 World Series.2) 2nd inning of Game 1 of the 1956 World Series.

They start out a game with tons and tons of baseballs. They have to be ready for foul balls, home runs, they even replace ground balls

I'm probably right but if I'm not I'm sorry anyways, in a baseball game they usually prepare 72 baseballs and i play baseball

Going back to 1905 when the best-of-seven series was implemented, 35 out of 96 World Series have gone to a Game 7 showdown. That's roughly 36% of all World Series.

The MBL teams start out with at least 200 baseballs on hand. They may or may not use all of them.

In order to win the World Series you have to win 4 games. It's a best of 7 series.

it bepends of how many homerun the teams makes

39% of teams losing game 1 have gone on to win the series.

The announced attendance of 50,315 for Game 6 of the 2009 World Series was the largest crowd to watch a game at the new Yankee Stadium in 2009.

Most umpires usually start with (6) six baseballs. We try to keep no less than (3) in our pouch at any time, which keeps the game moving.

none. The only world series appearance the Brewers have had was in 1982 when they lost to the St.Louis Cardinals in the 7th game.

The World Series have many times.

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