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How many baseballs will be used in a single MLB season?


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Major League Baseball uses about 160,000 baseballs in a season. the lifespan of 1 is 7 pitches. the average baseball lasts 9 pitches. That's as close as I can come.

OK. Let's say the average baseball lasts 9 pitches. Let's also say the average inning lasts 30 pitches (15 per half inning). We'll approximate the total number of pitches per game at 270. That would make 30 baseballs used per game (270 / 9). If all 30 teams played the entire 162 scheduled games in a season, that would be 2,430 games played. So for this example, that would make 72,900 baseballs used in one season.


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In a single season there are from 291,600 to 340,200 balls used. There are usually 60 to 70 balls used in a single 9 inning game, but they usually have 90 on hand.

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too many. lol. they counted the number of baseball they went through in a single game once and it was around 100. every team roughly has 162 games in a season without playoffs so each team would roughly have used 16,200 baseballs in a season

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The actual number of baseballs used during a game varies. However, the average is about 46 baseballs per baseball game.

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