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How many battleships were in Pearl Harbor during the attack?

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The commissioned U.S. Navy ships in the list below are sorted by type and hull number, for example New Orleans (CA-32) is found in hull number order under heavy cruisers. For the purposes of this list, yard craft assigned to the Fourteenth Naval District and other small non-commissioned craft are not included. In addition, Pearl Harbor is defined as the area inside the nets guarding the harbor entrance. Ships marked with an asterisk (*) were within twelve miles of the island of Oahu but were not actually within Pearl Harbor as defined above. Locations of these ships are indicated. Ships marked with a number symbol (#) were sunk or destroyed during the Pearl Harbor attack. All of these were later raised and rebuilt except for Arizona, Oklahoma, and Utah. Oklahoma was raised but not rebuilt. The U.S. carriers were not at Pearl Harbor. On 28 November, Admiral Kimmel sent USS Enterprise under Rear Admiral Willliam Halsey to deliver Marine Corps fighter planes to Wake Island. On 4 December Enterprise delivered the aircraft and on December 7 the task force was on its way back to Pearl Harbor. On 5 December, Admiral Kimmel sent the USS Lexington with a task force under Rear Admiral Newton to deliver 25 scout bombers to Midway Island. The last Pacific carrier, USS Saratoga, had left Pearl Harbor for upkeep and repairs on the West Coast. Battleships (BB) Pennsylvania (BB-38) (in drydock) # Arizona (BB-39) Nevada (BB-36) # Oklahoma (BB-37) Tennessee (BB-43) # California (BB-44) Maryland (BB-46) # West Virginia (BB-48) Heavy Cruisers (CA) New Orleans (CA-32) San Francisco (CA-38) Light Cruisers (CL) Raleigh (CL-7) Detroit (CL-8) Phoenix (CL-46) Honolulu (CL-48) St. Louis (CL-49) Helena (CL-50 Destroyers (DD) Allen (DD-66) Schley (DD-103) Chew (DD-106) * Ward (DD-139) (patrolling Channel entrance to Pearl Harbor) Dewey (DD-349) Farragut (DD-348) Hull (DD-350) MacDonough (DD-351) Worden (DD-352) Dale (DD-353) Monaghan (DD-354) Aylwin (DD-355) Selfridge (DD-357) Phelps (DD-360) Cummings (DD-365) Reid (DD-369) Case (DD-370) Conyngham (DD-371) Cassin (DD-372) (in drydock) Shaw (DD-373) (in floating drydock) Tucker (DD-374) Downes (DD-375) (in drydock) Bagley (DD-386) Blue (DD-387) Helm (DD-388) Mugford (DD-389) Ralph Talbot (DD-390) Henley (DD-391) Patterson (DD-392) Jarvis (DD-393) Submarines (SS) Narwhal (SS-167) Dolphin (SS-169) Cachalot (SS-170) Tautog (SS-199) Minelayer (CM) # Oglala (CM-4) Minesweeper (AM) Turkey (AM-13) Bobolink (AM-20) Rail (AM-26) Tern (AM-31) Grebe (AM-43) Vireo (AM-52) Coastal Minesweeper (Amc) Cockatoo (Amc-8) Crossbill (Amc-9) Condor (Amc-14) Reedbird (Amc-30) Destroyer Minelayer (DM) Gamble (DM-15) Ramsay (DM-16) Montgomery (DM-17) Breese (DM-18) Tracy (DM-19) Preble (DM-20) Sicard (DM-21) Pruitt (DM-22) Destroyer Minesweeper (DMS) Zane (DMS-14) Wasmuth (DMS-15) Trever (DMS-16) Perry (DMS-17) Patrol Gunboat (PG) Sacramento (PG-19) Destroyer Tender (AD) Dobbin (AD-3) Whitney (AD-4) Seaplane Tender (AV) Curtiss (AV-4) Tangier (AV-8) Small Seaplane Tender (AVP) Avocet (AVP-4) Swan (AVP-7) (on marine railway dock) Seaplane Tender, Destroyer (AVD) Hulbert (AVD-6) Thornton (AVD-11) Ammunition Ship (AE) Pyro (AE-1) Oiler (AO) Ramapo (AO-12) Neosho (AO-23) Repair Ship (AR) Medusa (AR-1) Vestal (AR-4) Rigel (AR-11) Submarine Tender (AS) Pelias (AS-14) Submarine Rescue Ship (ASR) Widgeon (ASR-1) Hospital Ship (AH) Solace (AH-5) Cargo Ship (AK) * Vega (AK-17) (at Honolulu) Stores Issue Ship (AKS) Castor (AKS-1) * Antares (AKS-3) (at Pearl Harbor entrance) Ocean Tug (AT) Ontario (AT-13) Sunnadin (AT-28) * Keosanqua (AT-38) (at Pearl Harbor entrance) * Navajo (AT-64) (12 miles outside Pearl Harbor entrance) Miscellaneous Auxiliary (AG) # Utah (AG-16) Argonne (AG-31) Sumner (AG-32)

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What U.S. battleships sank during the attack on pearl harbor?


What are some of the battleships that bombed Pearl Harbor?

The attack on Pearl Harbor was done by aircraft only.

When did U.S. battleships sank during the attack on pearl harbor?

december 7, 1941

How many battleships in the attack of Pearl Harbor were destroyed and what were the names of them?

Two Battleships were destroyed at Pearl Harbor, the USS Arizona and the USS Oklahoma.

In the attack on pearl harbor what did the us loose most of?


In the attack on Pearl Harbor the US lost most of its?


Did George Patton serve during the attack on Pearl Harbor?

No. He was in the US Army but not at Pearl Harbor during the attack.

Any pics of Pearl Harbor war ships?

Any website or book/magazine depicting US Battleships (minus the new Iowa and North Carolina class battleships) will be the standard US warships based at Pearl Harbor. Japanese battleships were at sea during the attack, the carriers did all of the launching of planes.

How many people were wounded during the attack on Pearl Harbor?

See website: Attack on Pearl Harbor

How many ships were lost in the first 2 hours of the attack on Pearl Harbor?

There were 8 battleships that sunk at Pearl Habor

How many U.S. battleships sank during pearl harbor?

A+ eight

How many US battleships sank during the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Eight battleships were either sunk outright or damaged. Remarkably, all but two, The Arizona and The Oklahoma, were repaired and returned to service.

How many American battleships were used during World War 2?

25 American Battleships were used. 2 of these were sunk during the Pearl Harbor attack & not returned to service.Here is the list:BB33ArkansasBB34New YorkBB35TexasBB36NevadaBB37Oklahomasunk at Pearl HarborBB38PennsylvaniaBB39Arizonasunk at Pearl HarborBB40New MexicoBB41MississippiBB42IdahoBB43TennesseeBB44CaliforniaBB45ColoradoBB46MarylandBB48West VirginiaBB55North CarolinaBB56WashingtonBB57South DakotaBB58IndianaBB59MassachusettsBB60AlabamaBB61IowaBB62New JerseyBB63MissouriBB64Wisconsin

Who was attack during Pearl Harbor?

during pearl harbor, the Japanese were attacking American battleships with their Japanese air force. the air fighters were dropping bombs, using machine guns, and crashing themselves into American ships, also known as kamikaze.

How many military persons on duty during the attack on Pearl Harbor?

See website: Attack on Pearl Harbor

What American ships were not in Pearl Harbor?

The Aircraft Carriers were not in Pearl Harbor during the attack.

What happened during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese.

How many us battleships were damaged at Pearl Harbor?

six battleships were damaged at pearl harbour

Why didnt the Japanese invade Hawaii during the attack on Pearl Harbor?

The attack on Pearl Harbor was an invasion, from the air, by the Japanese.

How much money did we lose during Pearl Harbor?

See website: Attack on Pearl Harbor.

What four us submarines were sunk during the attack on pearl?

There were no submarines sunk or damaged during the attack on Pearl Harbor; all vessels either sunk or damaged were capital ships (battleships, cruisers, etc.) or support vessels (tenders, tugs, etc.).

How many American military personnel were in Hawaii during the attack on Pearl Harbor?

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What color were the battleships at Pearl Harbor?


Why were the ships in pearl harbor at the time of attack?

The US Battleships were moved there, from California, in 1940. Officially to deter a Japanese attack (to strengthen the region).

What happended during the attack of pearl harbor?

Pearl Harbour was attacked.

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