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How many bees are in an average size bees nest?

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1,000-5,000. Nobody really knows that thousands of bees live in a single hive. Think of them as brave warriors fighting for the survival of their country. It makes me want to help them out! SERIOUSLY!

In the average hive there is one queen, between 20,000 and 60,000 workers depending on the time of year, and up to about two or three hundred drones.
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How many wasps can fit in one nest?

How big is the nest? With the average size of nest, several hundred.

Bees in ground nest are different sizes honey bee size and larger with a honeycomb. what kind of bees are they?

These bees are bumblebees.

What is the difference in a carpenter bee and a bumble bee?

Bumble Bees make their nest either on the ground, or in a hole in the ground, Carpenter bees make a hole in wood for their nest. These also more resemble honey bees in size.

What is the average size of a birds nest?

the size of a soup bowl

How many tunnels are in an ant's nest?

It depends on the size of the nest, some could have thousands.

How many bees in 1 hive?

It varies throughout the year and also depends on the size of the hive, but with the average hive in late winter there will probably be between 10,000 and 20,000, and it summer there will be up to around 60,000 bees.

What size are hummingbirds nest?

A hummingbirds nest is the size of a american walnut

What is the average size of an bald eagles nest?

Can weigh up to a ton, and be several feet across.

How can so many bees fit into a hive?

it depends on the size of the hive.

How many bees in abee hive?

It varies ! Hives don't contain a specific amount of bees. Depending on the size of the hive... anywhere from a few hundred to many thousands.

What is the size of the Olympic Athletics arena?

there are many was to define the size of "the Birds Nest" An expansive answer is given on the link below

How many eggs does a loggerhead sea turtle lay in one nest?

lays 100 ping-pong size eggs in one nest

Are ground bees black and orange?

No, ground bees are yellow and black and about the same size as honey bees

How many rooms will all the bees in the world occupy?

It all depends on the size of the rooms.

How do you get rid of hornets nest?

Very carefully......After the sun has gone down or very early in the morning just at twighlight (bees are not active during these times) and check to see if you can easily get within 20 feet of the nest if you can then make sure you have a clear path from the nest to a safe location,then just estimate the size of the nest if the nest is about the size of a football or smaller then you will need one 20oz can of wasp/hornet spray that shoots a long stream.If the nest is a big nest such as the size of a small watermellon then you will need two cans of spray....*Once you have your cans and your path is clear then wait about 3 hours after the sun has gone down and go out to the nest (if you need a light to see do not shine the light directly on the nest). Get into a position where you can see the bottom of the nest where the main entry hole is located ((do not stand directly under the nest)) then shoot the spray directly into the entry hole for atleast 5 seconds,then while still spraying move the stream up to the top of the nest and back down to the bottom of the nest in a quick but steady motion until you run out of spray,if its a larger nest quickly begin spraying with the 2nd can in the same manor...then quickly move to your safe location ...hornets nest are made of a paper like material and the nest will soak up the spray and kill all the bees inside...if some bees escaped the soaked nest will kill them when they try to return...leave the nest for a few days and check to see if there is any activity if not then remove the nest.If you cant get close enough to the nest then call a professionalSome hornets nest can get huge upto the size of a large watermellon and can hold a few thousand hornets,in such cases as this it is best to get a professional. Now if you are in a very rural area and cant reach the nest then these small or large nests can be taken care of if you or a family member is an avid hunter or target shooter. If the nest is in a hedge row or in the surrounding trees then a few rounds from a 12 gauge shot gun will destroy any hornets nest (please observe firearms safety). Also do not shoot the nest during the day,hornets have a real talent for locating the direction of anything that hits their nest.

What is the Average size of a bumble bee?

Bumble bees range in size from 1.2 cm to 1.5 cm. They can weigh anywhere from .05 grams to .85 grams depending on the species.

What is the size of a blue jays nest?

About the size of 2 iPads

How big is a hornets nest?

It varies in size. The nest isn't usually too big.

What is the average size of an American woman?

size 12 would be average but many women are larger than that.

How many bees can fit into a beehive?

It depends on the size of the hive, but usually 50 to 60 thousand in the summer

What is size of cocktail bird nest?


What is the size of the golden eagle's nest?


What are the types of honey bees and their role?

i think honey bees can be classified acording to their colour and size. some honey bees have darkish yellow while some are light coloured. some honey bees are big in size but there is a class of which they are very small like fly.

How many eggs do saltwater crocs lay?

Saltwater crocodiles lay an average of approximately 50 eggs in a nest. However, the number of eggs is dependent upon the size and condition of the crocodile, and can vary from 25 to 90.

What is the average litter size for a boxer?

The average litter size for a Boxer is 6. As few as 2 or as many as 12 can happen... but the average is 6.