How many bombs will show up when zero divide in Atari TOS?

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five bombs
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Is zero divided by zero one or zero?

The answer is neither. You cannot divide by zero at all. The result of zero divided by zero, as with any other division by zero, is undefined.

How did Atari screw up?

Bad games, bad graphics and to many cheap deals when it came to advertising of promoting. I remember a commercial that said you got a free Pac-Man with your ATARI 2600 VCS. An

How many bits was the Atari 2600?

8 bits. The central processor was the 6507, a slightly cut down version of the famous 6502 8-bit CPU.

How many times can zero be divided?

The answer is None because 0 cannot be divided. . I think the answer is just the opposite, infinity, because zero divided by any number is the real number zero.

Can zero be divided?

No, zero cannot be divided. Zero is zero, or nothing. It is impossible to divide nothing into any number of parts. Mathematically, things are a bit different. Zero can be div

Is zero divided by zero equal to zero?

Actually 0/0 is undefined because there is no logical way to define it. In ordinary mathematics, you cannot divide by zero. The limit of x/x as x approaches 0 exists and
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Can a no be divided by zero if not why?

no. To refer to the original example of dividing a number of objects into piles (6 objects into 3 piles = 2 objects per pile) it is impossible to place any number of objects s
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What is dividing by zero?

When something vanishes off of the face of the universe. How oftendoes nothing go into... Something?