How many bones do giraffes have in their necks?

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Just like us, the giraffe has 7 neck vertebrae. There vertebrae is just longer making their neck longer and appear to have more bones.
Seven, the same number humans have, but the ones a giraffe has are much larger. Giraffes posses seven neck bones (known as vertebrae) in their necks, the same as our necks, but they are elongated are separated by highly flexible joints. Giraffes have 7 neck vertebrae, the exact same number as other mammals, but they are much larger and elongated.

Giraffes possess seven vertebrae (although disputed by some zoologists who claim that it has eight)
That is not quite true - Giraffes have seven vertebrae in their neck, but also have thoracic lumbar, sacral and coccygeal vertebrae. The numbers of coccygeal vertebrae can vary, but I think giraffes have a total of about 50 vertebrae.
There are seven vertebrae in a giraffe's neck, just like humans. Just like humans and most mammals, a giraffe has seven neck bones. But those are really, really BIG bones. see the link for more info about Giraffes

A giraffe has seven bones in its neck the same as a human. A giraffes vertabrates are just longer than that of a human because a human doesnt need to have a long neck in order to reach their main food source, giraffes do because their main food source is off of Acai trees.
There are seven bones in the giraffe neck! just like the human! can you believe that!!??

A giraffe only has 7 - just like a human. They are just longer, as much as 11" long.
They have seven, which is the same number that humans have. Interestingly, the only mammals to have a different number are the manatee and 3 toed sloth, which have 6.
There are 7 bones in a giraffe's neck.
Interestingly enough, only seven, just like a human.
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Do your neck have bone?

Answer . Well, there is bone in the form of your spine in the back of your neck, but in the front there is cartilage.

Why do giraffe have long neck?

Answer . The African Giraffe has a long neck so it can reach to high places to provide food for themselves. Although, not all Giraffes these days have long necks. Another species of Giraffe is the short-necked type.. The Giraffe's reason for having a long neck was originally thought to have been ( Full Answer )

How many bones are in a human's neck?

Seven. They compose the seven cervical vertebrae. There is another bone in the neck, which is really part of the function of the tongue called the hyoid. Though not considered a neck bone in function it is located in the neck. But, it's not just humans. In fact, all mammals have the same number o ( Full Answer )

How many bones make up a humans neck?

Seven; cervical vertebrae numbered C1-C7. There are 7 bones in a human neck. Humans actually have the same amount of neck bones as a giraffe, but a giraffe's bones are a lot bigger.

How many bones make up a giraffes neck?

Just like humans and most mammals, a giraffe has seven neck bones. But those are realy, really BIG bones.. see the link for more info about Giraffes

How many bones is there in a horses neck?

Starting at the poll (top of the head)-the first vertabrae is the Atlas, the second is the Axis followed by 7 Cervical Vertebrae for a total of nine.

How did the giraffe get its long neck?

Contrary to popular belief current research shows that giraffes do not have long necks to reach food, rather they are used as "clubs" when competing with other males to mate with females. Giraffes with bigger, longer, stronger necks usually win and therfore get to mate passing on their genes to the ( Full Answer )

How did giraffes get long necks?

Through evolution.\nThe whole theory of evolution was first based on the giraffe's neck. Darwin say the giraffe, and asked himself the same you just asked me. He realized that all of the food that the giraffe ate came from high up in the trees. So from that observation, he inferred that the giraffes ( Full Answer )

Why giraffe have long neck?

So they can reach food that has been eaten by animals with shorter necks. If all the plant eating animals had short necks, eventually all the low growing plants would be eaten and many of the short neck animals would starve to death. Since the giraffe has a long neck, it can reach food that grows hi ( Full Answer )

How many neck bones does a mouse have?

Mice have 7 neck bones or cervical vertebrae. All mammals have 7cervical vertebrae with sloths and manatees being the exceptions.

How is it possible that a human baby and a giraffe have the same number of bones in the neck?

Like almost all mammals, both a human baby and a girrafe have seven cervical vertebrae (bones in the neck).. You asked "how is it possible" and the answer would deal with mother nature, natural selection and survivability. Seven bones in the neck works just fine for survival and difernet mammal spe ( Full Answer )

How many bones are in a tigers neck?

There are 7 bones in the average tiger's neck. These bones move ina variety of directions to allow the animal to see and captureprey.

How many bones does the neck have?

Now, most people would say that there are seven bones in the neck \nbecause there are seven cervical vertebrae (neck bones), but they would \nbe incorrect. There are eight bones in the neck. There are the \nseven cervical vertebrae, plus the hyoid bone which is located in the \nfront part of the n ( Full Answer )

How many bones does a human has in its neck?

A human, like most mammals, has seven vertebrae in their neck. These seven bones are called the cervical vertebrae. There is another bone called the hyoid which is attached to the cervical vertebrae but acts as an anchor for the tongue.

How many boins is in a giraffes neck?

One of the strange things about the giraffe is that it has the same number of neck vertebra as most other mammals, including us humans. They're just ever so much longer.

Do giraffes or humans have more neck bones?

Both humans and giraffes have the same numbers of neck bones. Bothanimals have seven neck bones. Yes it has because when you look at your neck then look at a giraffes neck it doesn't look like it but if you get a x ray on your neck then a giraffe gets a x ray and count the giraffes x ray then count ( Full Answer )

Total number of bones in giraffe neck?

There are seven vertebrae in a giraffe's neck, just like humans. Just like humans and most mammals, a giraffe has seven neck bones. But those are really, really BIG bones.

What happens to giraffes short necks?

Giraffes with small necks are most likely to starve because they can't reach tall trees. or Young giraffes with short necks their neck are probably going to grow. I don't know witch answer is for your question.

How many bones are there in an owls neck?

There are fourteen bones in an owl's neck. This is twice as many ashumans have. The fourteen bones allow owls to turn their heads veryfar around--but not all the way around as is often thought. Despitethis misconception, owls can quite comfortably rest with theirheads facing over their backs. This m ( Full Answer )

What advantages does a giraffes neck have?

One of the most obvious advantages of a giraffes neck is that it can reach its food which is found up high in the tree tops of Africa. Because of its long neck it can survive off food that hardly any other animals can reach. Giving it a better chance of survival. Some less thought of ideas are that ( Full Answer )

How many bones are in a whales neck?

All animals with vertebrae have exactly seven cervical vertebrae (neck vertebrae.) Because whales have long necks, they just have seven long cervical vertebrae.

How many bones giraffe neck have?

As many as human do! They are just a whole lot bigger! It may look like they have more bones, but they don't! Take good Care of your animals! Animal Whisperer...

How many bones are in an adult giraffe?

After checking several sources, including this website, I've reached a conclusion. It sounds like there are 207 bones in the adult giraffe body.

How many bones in a ducks neck?

there are 789 bones in a ducks body but it mostly depends on the type of duck it is, but mostly 789.

Why giraffe has long and slender neck?

Giraffes have long slender necks so that they can reach the freshest leaves that are very high up in the trees. No other animals can get to these leaves.

How many bones are in your head and neck?

There are 29 bones in the head and neck of a human. 8 Cranial :1 Frontal, 2 Parietal, 2 Temporal, 1 Occipital, 1 Sphenoid, 1 Ethmoid; 14 Facial : 2 Nasal, 2 Maxilla, 2 Zygomatic, 1 Mandible, 2 Lacrimal, 2 Palantine, 2 Inferior Nasal Conchae, 1 Vomer; 7 other bones : 1 Hyoid, 6 Auditory

How do giraffes neck get long?

They are born with long necks. Their necks do not "get long". They just are long naturally from birth.

How giraffes developed such long necks?

Giraffes have adapted to environments where a main food source is leaves of trees. In areas where trees are far taller, the taller giraffes are able to eat and reproduce mor successfully and carry on the gene for greater height, this has continued, giving giraffes long necks which allow the consumpt ( Full Answer )

Can giraffes have small necks?

No, giraffes are all long necked. If an animal has a short neck, it is a different species of animal.