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There's eight novels in the series, but there's a lot of side stories books.

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Anne of Green Gables was originally written by L.M. Montgomery but retold many times by different people.

There's over 700 different editions of Anne of Green Gables. The average seems to be around 300 pages, however some range between 200 to 600 pages.

I believe there were 8 books in total for the Anne of Green Gables series. They are........ 1)Anne of Green Gables 2)Anne of Avonlea 3)Anne of the Island 4)Anne of Windy Populars 5)Anne's House of Dreams 6)Anne of Ingleside 7)Rainbow Valley 8)Rilla of Ingleside

Anne of green gables has 9 children named, Sarah, Anna, Diane, Julie, Gilbert Og, John, Stacy(after her teacher), Ralph, Aaron

She was an author of many books.(example: Anne of Green Gables)

Anne of Green Gables has 320 pages. Anne of Avonlea has 448 pages. Anne of the Island has 320 pages. Anne of Windy Poplars has 288 pages. Anne's House of Dreams has 256 pages. Anne of Ingleside has 304 pages. Rainbow Valley has 256 pages. Rilla of Inglside has 288 pages.

There's eight books in the series. ANNE OF GREEN GABLES ANNE OF AVONLEA ANNE OF THE ISLAND ANNE OF WINDY POPLARS ANNE'S HOUSE OF DREAMS Note: there is about a 6 year break between Anne's House of Dreams and Anne of Ingleside. ANNE OF INGLESIDE RAINBOW VALLEY Note: there is about a 9 year break between Rainbow Valley and Rilla of Ingleside RILLA OF INGLESIDE

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Anne of Green Gables is the story of plucky Anne Shirley, an orphan who comes to live with Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert as a hired hand. (They were expecting a boy.) There are several sequels, all written by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Anne of Green Gables is about the Triumphs and Faults of the 11 to 16 year old orphan. She come to the Home of Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert where they were expecting a young boy to come. In this Heart warming story Anne captures the love of many of the citizens and a healthy rival with the charming Gilbert Blythe. Here she also meets a great friend Diana Barry. Here are the other books in the Series: ***The Books order***: ANNE OF GREEN GABLES ANNE OF AVONLEA ANNE OF THE ISLAND ANNE OF WINDY POPLARS ANNE'S HOUSE OF DREAMS Note: there is about a 6 year break between Anne's House of Dreams and Anne of Ingleside. ANNE OF INGLESIDE RAINBOW VALLEY Note: there is about a 9 year break between Rainbow Valley and Rilla of Ingleside RILLA OF INGLESIDE

8. They are: 1: Anne of Green Gables 2: Anne of Avonlea 3: Anne of the Island 7: Anne of Windy Poplars 4: Anne's House of Dreams 5: Rainbow Valley 8: Anne of Ingleside 6: Rilla of Ingleside The odd numbering reflects the fact that the last two books were written out of chronological order. Furthermore, books 5 and 6 are mostly about the children. Two books I didn't include in the list, because Anne is only in one chapter are The Chronicles of Avonlea and the Further Chronicles of Avonlea.

She is kind and loving. When people are mean to her she takes it in stride and is not vengeful. She has moments when she is lonely and many moments when she feels out of place in the small town she has been forced to move to.

There are too many to count. Some of my favorites are Augusta McCrae from Lonesome Dove, Hazel from Watership Down, Huckelberry Finn, Yosarian from Catch 22, Alice from Alice in Wonderland, David Copperfield, Ignatius J Reilly, Ford Prefect, Anne of Green Gables and.... Of course there many other

There are 4 official Anne of Green Gable Movies. Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Green Gables The Sequel, Anne of Green Gables the Continuing Story and Anne A New Beginning. But there is also the cartoon version made for kids: Anne The Animated Series.There are 8 BooksHere they are and some Summary's of the Books***The Books order***:ANNE OF GREEN GABLES covers a span of Anne's first 5 years in Avonlea. She will age from 11 to 16. Her immortal antics that have made this book so beloved include her rivalry with Gilbert Blythe, dyeing her hair, and falling off of Mrs. Barry's roof...ANNE OF AVONLEA spans two years. Anne is 18 at the novel's finish. She has become a teacher. Marilla adopts twins.ANNE OF THE ISLAND spans 4 years--Anne college years at Redmond. She will be 22 at the end of the novel. Anne discovers the real meaning of romance and love and courtship in this novel.ANNE OF WINDY POPLARS also known as ANNE OF WINDY WILLOWS covers the 3 years of Anne's engagement to Gilbert. She is a Principle at Summerside High School where she has to deal with the Pringle clan, Katherine Brooke, and plenty of other interesting folks.ANNE'S HOUSE OF DREAMS covers the first two years of Anne's married life. She and Gilbert now live in Four Winds Point, 60 miles east of Avonlea. Gilbert is making a living as a doctor, and the Blythes have new and interesting neighbors. **My favorite book of the series.**Note: there is about a 6 year break between AHoD and AoI.ANNE OF INGLESIDE covers about 6 years. Anne and Gilbert have moved to Glen St. Mary, near Four Winds Point, and now have children. This novel covers the birth of Rilla to the 15th wedding anniversary of Anne and Gilbert. More about Anne's children's adventures than Anne herself.RAINBOW VALLEY takes place in 1 year. It is about Anne's children, and more specifically their neighbors, the Merediths--Faith, Una, Jerry, and Carl--and Mary Vance, but Anne does come in at important points within the novel. Faith is reminiscent in many ways of the young Anne.Note: there is about a 9 year break between RV and RoI.RILLA OF INGLESIDE is a heroine in her right. She ages from 15 to 19 during World War 1, the setting of this novel's time period. Anne is by now in her 50s and is a background character, but Rilla is a delightful and outgoing heroine with or without her mother.

the book the green glass sea has 336 pages.

Yes there is, Lenny Gallant, Lucy Maud Montgomery (made story of anne of green gables), Two Hours Traffic (Band), Martha MacIsaac (Becca from SuperBad), Many more people (Some Celebrities are spotted here in the summer!)

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Niagara Falls Ontario Whistler British Columbia (Ski Resort) Ottawa Ontario ( Capital city of Canada) Cavandish Prince Edward Island ( Anne of Green Gables) Churchill Manitoba (Polar Bear Capital of the world) These are some, there are many more of course.

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