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Q: How many books did Peg Kehret write?
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Related questions

How many books did Peg Kehret write in ALL?

at least 41 books in all

What kind of books does Peg Kehret write?

she writes mystery-adventure books

How many books has Peg Kehret written?

45 books?

What prompted Peg Kehret to write?

what inspired peg kehret to wrte liturateture

How many movies are based on peg kehret's books?


How many books have Peg Kehret written?

45 books, so far.

Does Peg Kehret have any favorite books that she wrote?

Peg Kehret is an award winning author and her favorite book is Small Steps.

How many brothers did peg kehret have?

Peg Kehret had 1 brother. Her brother's name is Art.

How many kids has Peg Kehret had?

Peg Kehret has two children , Bob and Anne, with four grandchildren

What was peg kehret most famous for?

Peg Kehret is famous for writing books. For example;Terror at the zoo, nightmare mountain, earthquake terror, deadly stranger,

How many awards does Peg Kehret have?


Where did Peg Kehret go to school?

Peg Kehret went to school at Ruckers.

What carrer did Peg Kehret go for?

Peg Kehret chose writing as a career.

What are the books that Peg Kehret has written?

what was pegs purpase for writing earthquake terror

What genre are Peg Kehret's books?

The majority are young readers' mystery books. (Middle school readers)

What was peg kehret's first book?

Peg Kehret's first book was Vows of Love and Marriage

When Peg Kehret was born?

Peg Kehret was born on November 11, 1936 in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

Did Peg Kehret die?


Does peg kehret have any siblings?

yes Art Kehret

Where does peg kehret write?

I know she wrote "ABDUCTION!" which was about two kids getting kidnapped.

How many pages are in abduction by Peg Kehret?

224 pages

What is peg kehret's family members?

peg kehret honestly has a family i do not know anything about but i bet they are all ugly

What are some connections between the book cages and Peg Kehret's life?

Peg Kehret has gone to court before

Who is peg kehrets husband?

Peg Kehret's husband is Carl.

What is the date of peg kehret's birth?

peg was born in 1936