How many born again christians are in the world?

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there's not an exact answer, there's so many new people becoming christian every minute in the world !!

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How many born again Christians are there in the world?

In 2001 Ralph Winter (Evangelical Missiologist) estimated that there were 680 million born again believers world wide.

How many born again christians are there worldwide?

too many....

How many born again Christians in Australia?


How many christians claim to be born again?

no sane ones

How many Christians in the US describe themselves as born again?


What actors are born again Christians?

There are so many actors who are born again Christians. Some of the popular ones include Tyler Perry, Shad Moss, Chris Tucker and Steve McQueen among many more.

How many born again Christians are there now in the whole world are they larger now than Roman Catholics?

Roman Catholicism is the largest Christian denomination in the world.AnswerThere is no such thing as a 'born again Christian' in the context that some Christians (as the question implies, Roman Catholics) are not 'born again'. In order to follow Christ as Lord, one is born again. This might be later in life, or as a child. It might be as a Baptist, free Church or Roman Catholic. But no Christian can follow Christ without, knowingly or unknowlingly, being 'born again' So, basically, the question is meaningless.

How many Christians are in the Philippines?

in the Philippines 47% are catholics 33% are born again christians 15% are Muslims and 5% for other religious groups

Number of professing born again Christians?

The term 'born again' is a very divisive term that suggests that some Christians haven't been 'born again' and are therefore not really 'Christian'. Sadly too many fundamentalist Christians subscribe to this bigoted view.To become a Christian one has to be born again. This may take the shape of a major spiritual experience on a particular day (as, for example, St Paul's conversion), or by 'drip feed' of the Holy Spirit over many years . As Paul stated no one can state that Jesus is Lord unless it comes from the Holy Spirit.That said, all Christians can therefore be considered 'born again' or they would never profess Jesus as Lord. On this basis, there are over two and a half billions of Christians in the world, of all denominations, from Catholics to Orthodox, from Anglicans to Baptists and from Methodists to Salvation Army.

How many born again Christians in US?

The number of those who claim to be 'born again' Christians changes with each survey. However, the number seems to be about 30 percent of the adult population on average. That would make the number around 65 to 70 million.

How many signers were there on the Declaration of Independence that were Christian?

I have read somewhere that 52 of the 56 signers were born again christians

How many Christians in the world 2009?

There are 2.1 billion christians in the world in 2009.

How many division in christian religion?

The bible following born-again Christians which includes many denominations; the practicing Catholics who are not usually born-again; and third, people who claim to be Christian but don't behave like they are Christian.

How many born again christians in world?

While many countries include questions about religious affiliations in their census forms, they don't tend to go much deeper than Christianity, Islam, Hinduism etc. Nobody collates the numbers for "born-again Christians" as to do so would be an immense undertaking which would produce a number which, of itself, would be of little or no use to anyone - especially those who went to the trouble and expense of generating it.

How many NON born again christians out there are in a live-in relationship or marriage with a born again christian and have a successful relationship?

NONE. this is against all that i stand for and you shall not have a relationship with them. it is against the will of Alla. praise the lord.

How many Christians are there today in the world?


How many Jewish Christians are there in the world?


How many christians in the world today?

according to many sites and trusted sources there is 2.3 bilion Christians in the world by 2010 which is two years ago about 33% of the world populations

How many christians are there around the world?

According to the 2004 International Bulletin of of Missionary Research's estimates, there are 2,090,763,000 Christians in the world.

How many evangelical christians are in the world?

It has been estimated that there are between 200 million and 250 million evangelical Christians in the world.

Of the 7 billion people in the world today how many are Christians?

Approximately 2 billion people in the world today are Christians.

How many Christian in this world?

There are about 2.2 Billion Christians in the world today.

How many Christians and Catholics are in the world?

There are about 1.2 billion Catholics in the world.

How many people become Christians each day?

Only God knows. I am being serious here. Not all countries keep statistics on how many people become born again Christians each day. In the Arabic nations the new Christians don't reveal their conversion because they can be imprisoned or killed or stoned (for real).

How many Christians were there when Jesus Christ died?

There were followers of Christ, but no Christians in the biblical sense of the word. Biblically, a Christian is someone who has been born again; has repented and been redeemed, saved from the punishment for sin. Since that was accomplished only by Christ's death on the cross, there were only Christians after his death.