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As of 2010, the football team has 15 wins and 15 losses in bowl games.

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Q: How many bowl wins does Notre Dame have?
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How many overall wins does Notre Dame have?

As of November 3, 2007 Notre Dame has 822 all time wins.

Which NCAA Division team has the most bowl wins in college football?

Notre Dame

What is Notre Dame's all-time bowl game record?

13 wins, 15 loses

What team has the most wins at Notre Dame stadium?

Notre Dame because they play their the most!

How many total wins does the notre dame football team have?


Who has most wins vs USC?

Notre Dame

Who has the most wins in the Michigan vs Notre Dame rivalry?

Michigan and Notre Dame have played 41 times. Michigan leads the series with 24 wins, with Notre Dame winning 16 times and the 1992 game ended in a tie. The 2014 game is the last currently scheduled meeting between the two long-standing rivals.

What college team has the most wins since 1900?

Notre Dame with 790.

What college football programs have the most wins?

Michigan, Yale, Notre Dame

What team has the most wins against notre dame?

In football through the 2009 season, Southern California with 34. Southern California and Notre Dame have met 81 times. The only team Notre Dame has played more times is Navy (83).

Why did Lou Holtz quit coaching at Notre Dame?

When Lou Holtz decided (Not the University) to quit coaching at Notre Dame (1996), his decision was based on refusing to compile more wins then Knute Rockne, who had 105 wins and Lou at that time had 100 wins, he felt if he stayed one more year he would surely pass up Rockne and he felt Rockne made Notre Dame Football what it is today and he refused to do that, that's Integrity!

When did Michigan take over the lead for the most football wins?

2006 - Notre Dame

Who have the most wins in football teams?

that answer is the Michigan wolverines but the with the most titles in Notre Dame.

Where is Notre Dame ranked on the all time college basketball wins list?

Notre Dame has the top winning percentage of all time as of December, 2013. They are followed by Michigan State in second, and Boise state in third.

What coach won the most games at Notre Dame?

The head football coach with the most wins at Notre Dame is Knute Rockne with a record of 105-21-5 Lou Holtz is second with 100-30-2.

Who has the most victories Alabama or auburn?

Alabama has more wins than auburn. Bama is second in the nation for wins behind notre dame and michigun.

College football team with most consecutive wins?

Oklahoma with 44. But the team the beat in 1957 was Notre dame.

Why Notre Dame plays the Naval Academy every year?

Notre Dame in the early 40's were in dire financial straights, being forced to close down the University in the near future, when along came the Naval Academy & decided to send all their Cadet Recruits to Notre Dame for ROTC & saved the University financially! Notre Dame has since & will forever continue to be grateful & continue playing Navy no matter who wins!

Does Notre Dame lead Michigan in football wins?

No. Michigan leads the all-time series, 23-15-1.

Most combined NCAA wins in football and basketball?

Notre Dame combined football and basketball and I believe Syracuse is 2nd.

Who has the most wins in NCAA football?

Michigan has the most wins in Division I-A college football. Texas Longhorns are second (has 845) and Notre Dame is third (837)

What college football team has the second most wins history?

As of the start of the 2008 season, Notre Dame, They have 824 wins, Michigan is in first with 869 and Texas is third with 820.

What are the top ten teams in terms of wins in Division 1 college football history and how many wins does each have?

Michigan, Notre Dame, Texas, Nebraska, Alabama, Ohio State, Penn State, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Southern California.

How many Super Bowl wins do the chargers have?

Zero Super Bowl wins.

How many bowl wins do Texas have?

24 wins