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How many branches are there in our goverment?

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yea listen to josh he a good man and this is a good answer for your reports or something and my name is jacob..

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What are the branches of goverment?

Legislative, Executive, judicial

What are the 3 branches of goverment?

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How many branches are there in the federal government?

There are three branches in the federal governemt: Judicial, Executive, and Legislativethere are three branches of the federal goverment. im sure of it o_o

What are the three branches of govermet?

Legislative, Executive, and Judicial are the 3 branches of goverment.

How many bank branches does Brazil have?

Two Big Ones: 1o. Itaú/Unibanco 2o. Bradesco 3o. Banco do Brasil (Goverment) 4o. Caixa Economica Federal (Goverment) _______________________________ It´s Brazilians Banks

What are the branches of governement?

The 3 branches of governement are legislature,judicary and executive.Each branch has different laws and works.Each branch works as a goverment.

How many branches are there in our government?

There are three branches in our U.S. goverment The Legislative branch is the branch of government which is concerned with the making of laws. The Executive branch is the branch of the United States government that is responsible for carrying out the laws. The Judicial branch is the branch of the United States government responsible for the administration of justice. Those are the three branchs in the U.S. goverment.

What are the checks and balances of the three balances?

there are no three balances pal,there are are THREE BRANCHES OF GOVERMENT your welcome

How did John Locke influence the Declaration of Independence?

he suggested the 3 branches of goverment, and a legislative contract and citizens

Why was a goverment with three branches considered to be a compromise?

it was a compromise because each branch had to give up something for them to agree

What really are Checks and Balances?

Checks and Balances are something used between the 3 Branches of Goverment. To agree on something.

What are the three levels?

fedral goverment local goverment state goverment

What are some key features of the US Constitution?

having freedom and establishing the united states rules of our own also it defines the three branches of our goverment

Is 'branches' a verb or a noun?

Both: The road branches in many directions. Or a tree has many branches.

Why was the legislative branch established?

In our constitution we got 3 branches of goverment. Executive, legislative and juditional. The executive makes the laws, The legislative aproves them and the juditional enforces them.

How many branches does rbi has?

no branches

How many branches that Pepsi company has?

How many branches of pepsico

do you give goverment grants?

do you give goverment grants

How many branches in the us?

Three branches

How many branches does a coconut tree have?

no branches

How many federal reservae branches are there?

How many federal reserve branches are there

Why were three government branches created?

the three-branch of goverment created for the purpose that did not allow one persona to have too much control and support the country for the differents laws of constitution

How many votes did Douglas got?

people die when they killed the goverment

How many branches of are there in federal government?

3 branches

How many military branches are there?

5 military branches.