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Q: How many brothers and sissters does olly murse have?
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How many brothers and sisters has olly murs got?

One twin brother and a sister

How many songs Have olly Murs got?

Olly Murs has 32 songs.

How many songs has olly murs released?

Olly Murs has released 32 songs. :)

What colour are Olly Murse's eyes?

Well In Some Videos Like Heart On My Sleeve They Look Blue. But In Other Pics There Brown, And In Some Others Their Green. But If You HAD To Choose One they's Probs Be Brown. OR Bluey Green. Hard To Say (You Spelt Murs Wrong)

How many pets does olly murs have?


How many hits has olly murs had?


How many albums does olly murs have?

he has 2 albums: 1. Olly Murs 2. In Case You Didn't Know

Has olly murs got any brothers or sisters?

A twin brother called Ben and a sister called Fay

Does Olly murs have any sisters and brothers?

Yes, he has a twin brother called Ben and a sister called Fay.

How many twittwer followers does olly murs have?


How many albums has olly murs got?


How many albums has olly murs released?


How many number 1s has olly murs had?


How many albums have olly murs released?


How many albulms has olly murs done?


Is Olly Cool?

No olly is a skateboard trick

Is olly wrong?

Olly is always wrong!

What actors and actresses appeared in Olly Murs Revealed - 2010?

The cast of Olly Murs Revealed - 2010 includes: Olly Murs as Olly Murs

Does Olly murs smoke?

No, Olly Murs does not smoke.

What county is olly mur's from?

Olly Murs is from London.

How old is olly mars?

Olly Murs 23

How many GCSE's does Olly Murs have?

ziggler likes men

How many albums have olly murs sold?

Nearly 500,000

What is the name of the hat that olly murs wears?

it is a trilby - i think but Olly makes it more original... it is known as a trilby to anyone who doesn't like Olly Murs (who doesn't but hey!) and to Olly Murs fans it is 'Olly's hat!'

What rhymes with olly?

Words that rhyme with olly (aw-lee):BrollyCollieCollieDollyFollyGollyHollyJollyLollyMollyPauliePaulyPollyPolyTrolleyVolleyWords that rhyme with olly (long O):FoleyGoalieHoleyHolyRoleySlowlySolelyWholly