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she had a sister a brother and a half brother and sister.

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2011-02-19 19:52:35
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Q: How many brothers and sisters did Jackie Kennedy have?
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How many brothers and sisters did Ted Kennedy have?

Ted Kennedy had three brothers and five sisters.

How many brothers does Jackie Robinson had?

Jackie Robinson has 2 brothers and 5 sisters.

How many brothers did Jackie Robinson have and how many sisters?

5 brothers and0sisters

How many sisters did ted Kennedy have?

He had five sisters (and three older brothers).

How many brothers and sisters does Jackie Chan have?

Jackie Chan has two half brothers (Fang Shide & Fang Shisheng) and 2 half sisters (Chen Guilan & Chen Yulan)

How many siblings does Anthony m Kennedy have?

He has no siblings ( brothers and sisters).

How many of John F. Kennedy's sisters and brothers are alive?

As of 26 August 2009, only one of John Kennedy's sisters are still living, Jean Kennedy Smith.

How many brothers or sisters did jackie robinson have?

five siblings: Edgar, Frank, Matthew, and Willa Mae

How many sisters does Jackie Robinson?

Jackie Robinson did not have any sisters.

A boy has as many sisters as brothers and his sisters have half as many sisters as brothers How many sisters and brothers are in that family?

there are three brothers and 2 sisters in the family.

How many brothers and sisters Michael Jackson did have and what are their names?

Brothers; Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, Brandon (deceased) and Randy. Sisters; Rebbie, LaToya, Janet and Joh'Vonnie (half sister).

How many brothers and sisters did Jackie Robinson have?

Jack Roosevelt Robinson, known widely as Jackie Robinson, was the youngest of five children. He had three older brothers and one older sister.

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