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How many brothers did Vasco da gama have?

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He had no brothers or sisters but had 8 kids to a lady called catherina de Ataide. He was married to her.

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Is vasco nunez de balboa and vasco da gama brothers?

no they are not

What did vasco da gama study?

Vasco Da Gama studied navigation, maths, geography and many others.

What did vasco da gama do for a living?

Vasco Da Gama usually sailed.

Who gama vasco da worked for?

vasco da gama worked for the king.

Who was conquered by Vasco da Gama?

goa was conquered by vasco da gama

Are there books about vasco da gama?

Yes there are books on Vasco Da Gama.

Does vasco da gama have sisters?

does vasco da gama have any sisters

Where did Vasco Da Gama get his education?

were did Vasco Da Gama go to school

Did vasco da gama have any sibblings?

Yes, it is known that he had brothers.

How many voyages did vasco da gama make?

AnswerVasco Da Gama made 3 voyages to Asia and India

Were did Vasco da gama explore?

Vasco DA Gama explored the African Continental

Where did vasco da gama live?

Vasco da Gama lived in sines Portugal.

What country did Vasco da gama sail from?

What country did Vasco Da Gama sail from

How old was vasco da gama when he married?

Vasco da Gama was 25 when he married.

Was Vasco Da Gama French or Spanish?

Vasco Da Gama was neither. He was Portuguese.

Where did vasco da gama sail from?

Vasco Da Gama sailed from portegul.

Was vasco da gama fat?

Yes, Vasco da Gama was extremely fat.

Is Vasco Da Gama from Spain?

No, Vasco Da Gama was born in Sines, Portugal

How long was Vasco da Gama an explorer?

how long was Vasco da Gama a explorer

Who did Vasco Da Gama work for?

Vasco de Gama worked for nobody. He had learned all his training under the footsteps of his father and brothers.

What was vasco da gamas religion?

spanish........hola seniorita me yama vasco da gama e tu!!!(hey my name is vasco da gama and you!!!spanish........hola seniorita me yama vasco da gama e tu!!!(hey my name is vasco da gama and you!!!

What did Vasco-Da-Gama do in India?

Vasco da gama traded jewels and spices!

Who is vasco?

vasco da gama

Did Vasco da Gama have older brothers?

he 2 other brothers. one called Paulo

Did vasco da gama have family?

yes, vasco DA Gama had family and he is the third son of Estsvao DA Gama and Isabel sodre.

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