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How many buildings were destroyed?


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2 milion houses were destroyed in the Blitz. (60% of these were in London alone)


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About 200 buildings were destroyed in the eruption.

12,768 buildings were completely destroyed.

Over 8 million buildings were destroyed.

At least six buildings were destroyed in about one hour.

170,000 buildings were damaged with at least 14,623 completely destroyed.Source from BBC news.

Many thousands. The majority of major buildings in German cities were destroyed.

Nine Buildings were damaged, with seven eight of the buildings being destroyed by rubble form The Towers, or by one of the airplanes.

9 buildings were destroyed or damaged

over 8 million buildings were destroyed

Many buildings were destroyed...

Three buildings were destroyed in the bombings which the third building was the pentagon.

Millions of buildings were destroyed during World War 2. Most of these were resulted of being knock down by Air Assults or tanks firing or mis firing at buildings e.g. Stalingrads buildings were mostly destroyed during the course of world war 2.

About 17,500 buildings were destroyed and 90,000 people were homeless.

About 381,000 of the more than 694,000 houses were damaged or destroyed.

It is estimated that the Tri-state tornado destroyed approximately 15,000 homes, which would have accounted for the majority of the buildings destroyed.

Most buildings were destroyed in the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in AD 79. The roofs collapsed and the second stories in two story buildings were destroyed, only the staircases remained.

A lot of the buildings would be destroyed and not many people would probably not survive.

because in 1935 there was terridle earthquake which destroyed most of the is gradually reduilt.

Killed many people and destroyed many buildings.

around 7,500 houses destroyed and most of these homes were old traditional wood houses

The effects were... ~ Lots of people lost their lives ~ Many families were destroyed ~ Many houses and buildings were destroyed ~ A lot of money loss

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