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It can take one bullets to kill someone, if that's what you mean. However, people have also commonly survived being shot multiple times. Even 20 bullets cant kill a person. It all depends on the person, the type of bullet and the gun.

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How many bullets did it take for Scarface to die?


How many bullets does it take to kill an elephant?

as many as it takes to kill an elephant.

How many bullets from a pistol does it take to die?

5 One, if aimed correctly.

How many bullets killed Pancho villa in 1923?

he was killed by many bullets

How many bullets does a 38 special holds?

6 bullets

How many bullets killed mahatma gandhi?

Three bullets

How long does it take a bullet to go half of a mile?

Bullets travel at differen speeds.Bullets travel at differen speeds.Bullets travel at differen speeds.Bullets travel at differen speeds.

What bullets does the Nerf magstrike take?

the magstrike is supposed to take the Velcro darts but it will also work with sonic micro darts ( Vulcan bullets )

How many bullets fired in the movie die hard?

365 bullets

How many pages does Thirteen Bullets have?

Thirteen Bullets has 336 pages.

If i have a handgun that says 22 long rifle what kind of bullets does it take?

.22 Long Rifle bullets...

What bullets go to a 38?

If you are unsure, take it to a gunsmith. There are more than one type of "38 bullets"

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How many bullets were fired for every casulty in the Vietnam conflict?

3,000. That is not even close to the amount of bullets fired for every casulty through the Vietnam war. Three thousand rounds is a mere thought of how many bullets were torn through humans from 1959 -1975. The answer is never to be known. If you take a look at the statistics, 3k bullets were fired killing humans in the first year.

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Watch each episode and count how many bullets are fired.

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56 bullets. Jah RastafarI

How many bullets with a fad kill a Juggernaut in MW3?

100 bullets kill a juggernaut

Why does AR-15 have lead bullets?

Yes. Lead bullets do not wear out the rifling inside the barrel as fast as steel bullets. Still, many people use steel-jacketed bullets . . .

How many bullets does a minigun hold?

The minigun shoots 6000 rounds per minute, that is 100 bullets a second, so it does have about 1000-10000 bullets

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Bullets take how long to kill someone?

about 13 days

How many bullets does the Nerf barricade hold?

It can hold 10 bullets amd it's semi-automatic.

How many bullets would it take to kill an entertainer on infamous gangsters if im a respectable hitman with FN M240B?

9200 accurately