How many bumps on a basketball?

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The bumps on a basketball, called pebbling, are quite numerous. In fact, there are 9,342,059 of them on a regulation size basketball.
there are 1,234,469,623
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How many dittos are on the surface of a basketball?

\n. \n Basketball Dittos \n. \nI can't tell you exactly, but I can tell you how to estimate the number of dots on a basketball. First, measure a 1 inch square on the surface of the basketball and count the dots it contains. Then use the formula for the area of a sphere, which is: 4PR2, or 4 ( Full Answer )

What is a bump?

A bump is a lump like, for example, a bump on your skin or a bumpin a road.

How many Rules of basketball?

there are lots of rules in basket ball and many different sets of rules, such as FIBA or highschool basket ball

How many members on basketball team?

Answer . 5 on the court at one time, but more on the bench There must be a minimum of 10 players on a team and a maximum of 15 players in the NBA.

Why are there bumps on basketballs?

I believe that the bumps you are talking about are also known as pimples. Basically, they are there to provide more grip, especially when the ball gets wet (e.g. with sweat). It works like a car's tyre, just that the rest of the surface is the grooves. Basketballs without the pimples or with them wo ( Full Answer )

Why do you get bumps?

Ur skin is trying to get warmer by pulling your hairs up to protect the skin from the cold.

How many fouls are there in basketball and what are they?

\non player can have up to four fowls if they get 5 they are out of the game, and they are when a player slaps or hitts the other players arms (from hand to shoulder), or when a player blocks another player and moves they feet :-)

How many fouls in basketball?

In most leagues it is 5 fouls until you are out. However, in some tournaments they can make up whatever rules they want so any number of fouls. But basically it is 5 fouls. -Kristen (I have played basketball for 6 years)

What causes a bump on a basketball?

A couple things may be causing a bump on your basketball. First, ifit was allowed to deflate, the basketball loses shape and this cancreate a weak spot when its pumped back up. Also, there could be aweakness in the rubber bladder inside the basketball that's causinga lump, similar to the way a car t ( Full Answer )

What are the many tiny white bumps on my knee?

I have the same problem. I'm 15 now and remember always having them. I use to think they were ingrown hairs or something. but even when i pluck them, they won't go away!! they are tiny small white bumps....barely and bump at all. but its pn my knees and a little off to the side. lotion kinda works.. ( Full Answer )

How many medal count for basketball?

1 for the winning team ex. 1 Gold - for mens team champion 1 Silver - for mens team runner up 1 Bronze - for mens team last and same thing with the womens team a total of 6 medals in this event.

How many points do you get in basketball?

3 points - for a score made from beyond the "3-point line/arch". 2 points - for a score made from a close range or within the "3-point line". 1 point - for each foul shot made (from the foul line) aka "free throw".

How many players are in the basketball teams?

In a basketball team 5 basketball players are allowed on the court, 12 players are active in one match, and the team is allowed to have 15 players. answered by lecamarcolino-here to get 100% in knowledge

What are bumps?

Something that is not smooth will not be smooth because on its surface it will have hollows (depressions) and "bumps" (protuberances).

How many basketballs in the world?

there are millions of basketballs in the world Michael Jordan was the best st basketball ANDREW F THINKS HE IS THE BEST AT IT BUT HE ISNT SOMEONE STARTING WITH P IS

How many correctable errors in basketball?

There are five correctable errors in basketball. NFHS Rules. Four are free throw errors and the other is a scoring error.. 1. The failure to award a merited free throw (2-10-1a). 2. The awarding of an unmerited free throw (2-10-1b). 3. Permitting a wrong player to attempt a free throw (2-10-1c). ( Full Answer )

How you get bumps?

Doing puberty high levels of hormones are produced in boys and girls, which leads to sebum. Sebum is an irritant that clogs the pores which form a pimple that may be affected.

What is a bump-out?

Well in the entertainment industry its where you pack up and move out of your venue

How many sections on a basketball court?

On a football field, the section behind the goal posts are calledthe end sections. On a basketball court, what is the section behindthe basketball goals called? HDC

How many mins. are in a basketball game?

In the NBA, the games consist of 48 minutes with 12 minute quarters. In pickup basketball, it really depends on what the players want.

How many speed bumps are there in the UK?

Despite what you might think, there are only twenty speedbumps in the UK, over half of them in and around Greater London. The others are in Birmingham (2), Liverpool (1), Glasgow (1), Edinburgh (1), and Saltash (3).

How many points is worth in basketball?

A regular shot is worth two points. Any thing outside the three-point line is worth three points. Each foul shot is worth one point.

How many referes are there in basketball matches?

Officials are usually referred to as referees, however generally there is one lead referee and one or two umpires, depending on whether there is a two or three person crew. In the NBA, the lead official is called the crew chief and the other two officials are "referees

How many periods on college basketball?

There are two 20 minute halves in college basketball. If the game ends in a tie, there is an extra 5 minute overtime. They will continue the 5 minute overtimes until someone is leading when the final buzzer sounds.

How many people hate basketball?

Well, I guess a lot of people outside of the Americas and some parts of Europe that play baseball intensively so basically a lot of people.

How many quarters are in a basketball team?

I think you mean in basketball game ! Games are played in 4 quarters. 10 minutes (international), 12 (NBA), and overtime periods are five minutes long.

How many players are on basketball teams?

Minimum of basketball team players is 10, and maximum 15. But only 12 players can play in a game, 5 of them will be starters and 7 reserves (substitutions).

Who many a basketball get?

I guess you asking how much an nba player makes If your talking kobe bryant he makes 25 million even bench players who playe 10 minutes a game make a million its a good life.

How many syllables basketball?

there are 3 syllables in basketball because when u say the word u can tell' bas-ket-ball

How many chickenpox bumps can you get after having the vaccine?

A patient may get five to ten bumps after having chickenpox vaccine. If they have "breakthrough" chickenpox after having the vaccine (infection lessened by chickenpox) they may have 50 or so bumps. A typical full-blown infection, in contrast, has 250-500 bumps.

How many players in match in basketball?

A conventional game of basketball involves five players on thefloor at a time from each of the two teams competing. However,teams often have substitute players on the bench who relievestarters. In the NBA, for instance, a team is allowed to have 12active players throughout the season