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There are about 13 calories in 1 Doritos chip.

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How many calories for a small bag of doritos?

150 Calories in a 1-Serving bag of Doritos.

What are Duritos?

Do you mean Doritos? If you do, then Doritos are a very tasty chip that are good for parties and come in many amazing flavors.

How many calories in cool ranch doritos?

260 calories in a 1 3/4oz bag

How many calories are in Doritos?

Calories in DoritosIt varies slightly according to the flavor/flavour and the packet size (both of which vary from country to country). Here are some examples.There are:approx 142 calories in a 27g bag of Doritos cheese supremeapprox 148 calories per ounce or 28g of Doritos cheese supremeapprox 518 in a 3½ ounce or 100g serving of Doritos cheese supremeORapprox 140 calories in a 28g bag of Doritos toasted cornapprox 140 calories in a 28g bag of Dorotos spicy nachoapprox 177 calories in a 35g packet of Doritos tangy cheeseapprox 250 calories in a 50g bag of Doritos nacho cheeseFor the calories in other snacks, see the page links, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

What are the release dates for Doritos Last Chip Left - 2011?

Doritos Last Chip Left - 2011 was released on: USA: 21 November 2011

What is the best chip brand?

The best chip brand is doritos because it has the most flavour:)

What is Doritos?

It's a tortilla chip snack brand.

Do doritos make you fat?

If you do not eat it in moderation, it can. Doritos has about 150 calories, and 3.5 grams of saturated fat.

How many calories in a Dunkin' Donuts chocolate chip muffin top?

A Dunkin' Donuts Chocolate Chip Muffin has 550 calories.

How many calories are in paradise bakery cookies?

In a chocolate chip cookie there are 300 calories.

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