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Calories in a variety of orangesOrange Average 65 calories

Clementine 25 calories

Satsumas 35 calories

Tangerine 37 calories

Mandarin orange 32 calories

Jaffa small 25 calories

Jaffa Orange one large 100 calories.

To learn about the calories (and carbohydrates) in other fruits, see the page links, further down this page, listed under Related Questions and Related Links.

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Q: How many calories are there in a variety of oranges?
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How many calories are 7 oranges?

7 small oranges = 315 calories 7 medium oranges = 455 calories 7 large oranges = 595 calories

How many calories in Florida navel oranges?

There are approximately 100 calories in Florida navel oranges.

How many carlories in oranges?

in standard oranges there are 86 calories

How many calories in cutie oranges?

There are 40 calories in a Cutie Orange

How many calories are in 3 oranges?


How many calories do cutie oranges have?

40 calories per cutie orange.

How many calories in cuties mandarin oranges?

40 calories per clementine

What variety of oranges are there?

There are manderin oranges, blood oranges,navel oranges there is more.

What do oranges have in them?

Protein, Calories and vitamins.

What is a variety of a orange that is know for being juicy?

blood oranges or navel oranges

How many caloires are in an orange?

Oranges are a great source of potassium and vitamin c. They are also low in calories with an average orange only have 45 calories.

What variety of oranges does not have seeds?

jcbjnbjcnjxnc knxk

How many calories are there in fruits?

Depends on which fruit. Generally apples are around 60 cal. Oranges appx. 90,

How many calories are in apple sauce?

50 in the unsweetened variety and 110 in the original

How many calories are in 12 oranges?

Calories in 12 orangesIt depends on the size of the oranges.There are approximately 45 calories in 1 small orange. Therefore:12 x 45 equals 540 calories.There are approximately 60 to 65 calories in 1 medium/average orange. Therefore:12 x 65 equals 720 to 780.There are approximately 86 calories in 1 large orange. Therefore12 x 86 equals 1032 calories.For the calorie content of other fruits and a fruit calories chart, which you may print out if you wish to and use as a daily guide, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

What variety of oranges don't have seeds?

Navel & cara cara, a red navel variety do not have seeds.

How many calories in a cup of chicken casserole?

Depending on what is in your chicken casserole, calories can range from 172 a serving to 450 calories a serving. Chicken casseroles have a wide variety of ingredients.

What time of year does an orange grow?

It depends on the variety. Some oranges ripen in the summer, but many also ripen in the winter.

How many calories are in a small mandarin orange?

I THINK 84.5 calories. I'm not really sure though.A large 100 gram mandarin runs about 50 calories. However, those yummy little Cuties mandarin oranges are smaller than that and run about 25 calories.

How many oranges does one bushel of oranges contain?

A bushel of oranges

Do oranges make you fat?

Oranges are very low in calories and eating them in moderation will not cause someone to gain weight. They're considered to be a healthy snack.

How Many Oranges Grow on One Tree?

About 50 at the most.. least? 20. Please fertilize your tree! Some growers with the best variety, location and culture are getting up to 5000 oranges per tree.

How many oranges does an orange tree produce a year?

30-40 oranges a year It depends upon the size and health of the tree, as well as variety and location. It could be up to five thousand per tree.

How many calories are in a large drink from McDonalds?

Unless it is a diet coke or water the calories for a large drink range from 200-400 calories total. There are a variety of large drinks that can be purchased from McDonalds.

What do sizes of oranges mean?

Oranges come in a variety of sizes. It the orange is a large one, it just means that the orange was grown in a specific orchard where the oranges came out large. Some varieties of orange trees typically produce large oranges.