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Around max 3 calories per min, so up to 180 calories per hour by sitting.

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Do you lose calories just sitting?

Yes. You might burn 64 calories per hour just sitting.

How many calories do you lose while laying down?

I don't think you do lose calories while laying down in bed maybe by sitting but not by laying down in bed being lazy

Get a Computer Stand to Lose Weight?

Standing up can burn 115 calories per hour while sitting down can burn 75 calories per hour. If someone is spending hours sitting down while using a computer, a computer stand may come in handy for burning calories. If someone spends five hours on a computer, 375 calories are burned sitting down. However, standing up while spending time on a computer can burn 575 calories! Every calorie counts, and this simple trick makes losing weight much easier.

Do you lose weight when you are just sitting down?

Not necessarily; but you do burn calories even at total rest, though not that many (about 100 calories per hour, depending on various factors).Losing weight and burning calories are not the same thing. Whether you actually lose weight will depend (also) upon what and how much you eat, how active you are (when not sitting), and many other factors.See also:A way to lose weight

How many calories does a football player lose?

They lose 5647 calories an hour

Do you lose weight playing tennis?

Yes the longer and harder you play the more calories you'll burn. You burn about 15 calories an hour just sitting, so if your running around a court swatting a ball you probably burn somewhere around 600 calories an hour plus it builds up your metabolism which means you'll burn more calories sitting or sleeping. So YES you will lose weight playing tennis.

How many calories should you burn a day if you consume 2400 calories to lose weight?

To lose 2400 calories a day you should do fast walking at least an hour and stepping stair an hour will also be helpful.

What can you do to lose 700 calories a day?

Walk on trademill for an hour

Can you lose a pound by playing just dance greatest hits for an hour?

No, but you can lose weight by dancing to music. You must burn 3500 calories to lose 1 pound. There is no activity that you can perform that will burn 3500 calories in 1 hour.

How many calories do you burn by horse riding?

It truly depends on the type of riding that you are doing. If you are just going for a leisurely trail ride at the walk you can lose about 150 to 200 calories/hour. If you are trotting, you can lose around 300 to 500 calories/hour, more if you are posting (or rising) to the trot. If you are doing barrel racing, jumping, or riding at a faster pace, you are more likely to lose up to 700 calories/hour.

How many calories does one burn while banging their head against a wall for 1 hour?

You lose one hundred and fifty calories when you bang your head on a wall for a hour 150/hour

Why do overweight people lose weight quicker than a regular size person trying to lose weight?

To lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you consume. Larger people burn more calories than people who weigh less, even if they're just sitting around. Someone who weighs 280 pounds can maintain their weight by eating 2400 calories a day. If they cut down to 1400 calories a day, they're eating 1000 calories less per day than they need. But if someone who weighs 130 pounds burns 1600 calories per day just by sitting around, and they cut down to 1400, that's only a deficit of 200. It will take the smaller person longer to lose weight, because their calorie deficit is smaller.

What is the best way of losing calories?

You can burn 100 calories by banging your head against a wall for a hour but along with those calories you lose braincells

Do you need to eat lots of calories then burn some off to lose weight?

Your body needs calories to survive. To lose weight, cut your daily intake of calories by 500 and exercise for an hour 5-6 days a week. Ingesting more calories will not help you lose weight.

How much weight do you lose in an 8 hour sleep?

Your body's organs will burn about 42 calories per hour sleeping. This is only 336 calories in an eight hour sleeping cycle. it would take 80 hours of sleep to equal the calories needed to lose one pound. Sleeping is not a good weight loss activity.

To lose One kg equal to how many calories?

to get a Kg down you need to burn 7700 calories, seems like alot, but if u eat less and exercise more you will lose it soon enough. A 50 minutes on an average speed of 6 kms per hour you would burn around 500 calories

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