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One pound of fat is equal to about 3,500 calories no matter what your current weight is. If you can burn that many (or consume that many fewer) calories in one week, you will lose a pound of fat in one week.

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You are 5'2 weigh 135 pounds and want to weigh 125?

You need to lose 10 lbs at 3500 calories a pound.

If you are 5' 5 and weigh 130 pounds how do you lose 10 pounds?

In order to lose weight you should create a calorie deficit. In order to lose 1 pound a week you should cut 500 calories a day from your diet or burn this amount of extra calories a day.

How many calories does a 106 pound with the height of 5'3.5 female need to weigh 95 pounds?

First of all, if you are 5'3.5 and 106 pounds, you should be asking how many calories you need to weigh 115 pounds!! You don't need to lose weght, you need to gain it.

You weigh 130 pounds and you want to weigh 115-120 how many calories should you eat and stuff?

once you weigh at least 70 pounds or so you should eat 20 calories for every pound of weight un less you are on a diet id which case you should eat about 15 for every pound (of course some what dependant on age)

What does 1000 calories weigh?

3,500 calories is a pound so 1,000 would be less than half of a pound.

What is the weigh of mercury?

1 pound if you weigh 100 pounds

How calories do you need to burn one pound if you weigh 130?

To lose a pound, no matter what weight you are, you need to burn 3500 calories.

If I weigh 180 pounds how many calories should I burn if I walked for one hour?

While walking for one hour, a person that weighs 180 pound can burn up to 500 calories.

If you weigh 119 pounds and then loose 350 calories how many pounds would you weigh after that?

it depends on how much you sweat during the workout, 350 calories doesnt weigh much, but water weight does

What does a 100 pound human weigh on Saturn?

A 100 pound object would weigh 116 pounds on Saturn.

How many pound does a leopard weigh?

Male leopards can weigh from 66 to 200 pounds. Female leopards weigh from 51 to 130 pounds.

How many calories a day for 5'3 250 pound female?

It depends on your metabolic weight and what you want to weigh. The average metabolic rate is about 10 calories per pound per day. Thus, the average 250-pound person eats 250 x 10 = 2500 calories per day. Of course, your metabolic rate may be different. Let's say your metabolic rate is 7 calories per pound per day. Then at 250 pounds you'd be averaging 7 x 250 = 1750 calories per day. If you want to weigh, say, 200 pounds, and your metabolic rate is, say, 10 calories per pound per day, then you should eat 200 x 10 = 2000 calories per day.

How many pounds does a 100 pound man weigh on mars?

On Mars a 100 pound man weighs 37.68 pounds.

How much pounds does lead weigh?

1 pound of lead is approximately 1 pound.

How much does lard weigh?

One pound of lard weighs one pound, whereas two pounds of lard weigh just two pounds. Go Figure ~ FriPilot

What is 130 earth pounds on Venus'?

A 100 pound person would weigh 88 punds so a 133 pound person on venus would weigh 121 pounds

How much would a 100 pound person weigh on Haumea?

A 100 pound person would weigh 4.4852 pounds on Haumea. Flipping things around, if someone weighed 100 pounds on Haumea, they would weigh 2,229.5455 pounds on Earth.

What would a 100 pound person weigh on Jupiter?

he or she would weigh 265 pounds

What a 81 pound person weigh on the moon?

You would weigh around 13.4 pounds.

How much to preterm babies weigh?

it depends it can weigh from 1 pound to 5 pounds.

What animal weigh 400 pounds?

most bears will weigh in the 400 pound region.

If I am a 5'7 woman who weighs 140 pounds and I would like to go down to 130 pounds how many calories should I eat?

Eat 10 calories per each pound you want to weigh. Therefore 10 calories x 130 lbs = 1300 calorie intake per day.

How many calories a day to weigh 130 pounds?

That ones easy! To weigh 130 lbs you need to eat 130 calories a day

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