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How many calories does a potato fritter have?


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The calories depend upon the size and preparation of the 'fritter.'

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There are approximately 245 calories in a safeway apple fritter.

One apple fritter from Dunkin' Donuts has 300 calories in it.

There are about 88 calories in 1 potato croquette.

How many calories in a jacket potato cheese and coleslaw

One large white potato is about 250 calories.

Baked Potato = 200 caloires Gravy = 100 calories A baked potato and gravy are about 300 calories.

A potato is about 200 calories (baked potato, that is), and tomato sauce is about 80 calories per serving. So, in total, it is about 300 calories or so.

A basic homemade potato pirogi (with potato and onion) contains approximately 130 calories, but they can range from 110- 600 calories depending on what is in them.

The average Yukon gold potato contains 100 calories.

There are about 163 calories in a medium potato.

The short answer is... it depends. There is considerable variety based on brand, size of fritter, etc. Some examples might help, though. Starbucks Apple Fritter: An astonishing 790 Calories, including 37 g of fat Dunkin' Donuts Apple Fritter: "Only" 290 Calories, with 13 g of fat It seems that the "average" fritter is more in line with Dunkin' Donuts than with Starbucks. Having said that, if your fritter requires both hands to hold it because it's so big, or if it tastes *really* good... you might want to consider it closer to the Starbucks standard. ;o)

That depends on the amount of sausage and potato and how they are cooked. For examples, see the page links given below.HOW MANY CALORIES IN SAUSAGESHOW MANY CALORIES IN POTATOES

One small potato weighing approx. 170 gm have 134 calories. One medium potato weighing approx. 213 gm have 168 calories. One large potato weighing approx. 369 gm have 292 calories.

There are approximately 176 calories in 8 oz of boiled sweet potato.

one sweet potato is about 5 ounces one oz of potato is 24 calories answer: 24 calories times 3 = 72 calories in 3 oz of sweet potato

what is the problem whit getting answer to how many calories in one potato wedge from Indi's fast food

97 calories per serving or shot.

There are about 140 calories in a serving of cheesy potatoes.

there is 350 calories in a medium jacket potato with half a tin of beans:D hope this is useful to you

120 is in a microwaved white potato.

A sweet potato usually has more calories than a regular potato will.

It depends on the brand

When mashed with a little milk but no butter, there are:180 calories in 1 cup of mashed potato

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