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1 Chicken Sandwich contains 290 calories

1 Chicken Deluxe Sandwich contains 310 calories

1 Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich contains 280 calories

1 Chargrilled Chicken Club Sandwich contains 380 calories

8 Chicken Nuggets contain 280 calories

1 Chick-n-Strips Salad contains 275 calories

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Q: How many calories does chickfila sandwhich have?
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How many calories are in a chickfila chicken sandwich?

The Chickfila chicken sandwich contains 430 calories.

How many calories are in a Cuban sandwhich?

There are about 694 calories in Cuban sandwich.

How many calories in a ham sandwhich?

If it has cheese added on it is 310.

How many calories does a filly cheese steak sandwhich from 1626 have?


How many calories ice cream sandwich?

it depends but a regular ice cream sandwhich contains 160 calories.

How many calories ham sandwich?

will u please tell me how many calories a ham sandwhich with weat bread.

How many calories are in a ham sandwhich on a roll?

Roll 125 Ham 35 Butter 40

How many calories does a grillcheese sandwhich have?

Bread (2 slices) = 200 calories (average slice of bread is 100 calories, but this can differ greatly) Cheese = 100 calories Total = 300 (about) calories.

How many calories in a fried walleye fish sandwhich?

390 in 8 oz piece. Total calories is contingent on type of bread used.

How many calories in flatbread sandwhich from subway?

it depends on what you get, the meat, if you get cheese. and what sauces you get. the calories for the flatbread is posted at subway. No just for the flatbread only? please

How many calories are in a turkey sandwhich?

It depends on how much turkey and bread go into the sandwich, and also what type of bread and turkey it is. The amount of calories of a turkey sandwich with spread is 329 calories.

How many calories does a cheese sandwich have?

On average in 100 grams of a typical cheese sandwhich (butter and white bread) there is 312 calories; quite good for a sandwich :)

How many calories is in a peanutbutter and jelly sandwhich?

Peanut Butter = 200 calories Jelly = 60 calories Bread (2 slices, 100 calories each) = 200 calories About 450 or so calories (major difference will come from the bread).

How many calories are in a McDonald's Filet of Fish without Tarter Sauce?

According to McDonalds nutrition chart. A plain Filet-O-Fish sandwhich is 270 calories. A filet-o-fish with cheese is 290 calories.

How do you get Chickfila coupons?

You can find some Chickfila coupons at Scroll down to choose which coupon you can use in your area.

How many calories in a vegimite sandwhich?

one serving or teaspoon of vegemite has 10 calories, add that to the total amount of calories of the two slices of bread, and you have the amount of calories in the sandwich. Most bread has around 110 to 120 calories a slice, the lower calorie breads have anywhere around 80 or fewer calories a slice.

How many calories in Tuna subway sandwhich?

ALOT! tuna from subway is not even on the fresh fit menu. its one of the most fattening subs at subway.

What city is the Chickfila restaurant in?

A Chickfila restaurant is usually in many of the big cities. You might have to look around for one though, as their not as common as most fast food restaurants.

Who invented chicken sandwiches?


Can you be 14 and work at chickfila?


Does blotting the grease off of your pizza make it lower in calories?

If your pizza is greasy, obviously you shouldn't be eating it. Why not eat a healthy sandwhich instead? If your pizza is greasy, obviously you shouldn't be eating it. Why not eat a healthy sandwhich instead?

What is miley favorite sandwhich?

miley favorite sandwhich is turkey

What is the eponym the fourth earl of sandwhich gave his name to?


How many Kilojoule in a sandwich?

There are 372 kilojoules in a sandwhich

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